Help, pcos and desperate to loose weight.

Hello all, i was diagnosed with pcos in 2004. I went on to have 2children. One concieved naturally and one with clomid.
I dont plan om having any more at presnt but who knows what the future may hold.

I have done all of the diets and have alot to loose but feel like ive failed at all of them because it takes such a long time to loose a tiny bit and i get very disheartened.

Ive joined rc on monday but not have stuck to it as i have been unwell this week and off food with sore throat etc but im not sure whats the best diet to do, ive dont them all with little success And feel like i despair with it.

If willpower cold be bottled, id certainly buy it!

(sorry, sound bit down.....)
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I am in the same boat as u. Had two children then diagnosed with pcos about 2005/06 I am taking metformin 1000mg a day was originally 2000mg but was ill. The only one I have tried is slimming world. And I am exactly like u only lose about 1lb then put it on and off etc took me ages to get off half stone. And u do get disheartened and when u say that it's harder for u to lose weight they just laugh and say nothing. Yet when I just watched wot I ate and had smaller potions I lost weigh no problem


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I too have pcos and struggle to lose weight. I was diagnosed in 2003, but took Clomid and had twins in 2006. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009 and have continued to battle with my weight loss through a multitude of different clubs/methods.

I now attend Slimming World and although it was a bit complicated to start off with, I have now found that it suits me. The only thing that I have a problem with is will power! A bad day with the children, generally feeling low or hormones going all over the place and I stuff my face with things that are no good for me. I put on 1.5lbs last week (mid cycle blues, cramps and swelling led to feeling low and rubbish food), but I will keep on going just to ensure that I am keeping track of my weight and I have now written a menu plan to help me.

I have never been one for 'staying' at slimming clubs for the after weigh in talk time, but this time round, I am doing it and am finding that it is very supportive/therapeutic.

The other thing that I can recommend is exercise. It proves very expensive sometimes and rather annoying when I have to pay a baby sitter to look after my children so that I can go for a walk or to the gym, but it sadly essential. To incentivise me to do it, I have agreed a weekly slot with the baby sitter, so that I know that I am paying someone to come and look after the girls, therefore I have to go otherwise I am not only letting myself down, but also my babysitter.

One final thing that may help is Orlistat. I have it prescribed by my GP as part of attending the weight loss clinic that is run at my practice.

I hope this post is of some hep. I have to admit that this time round with my attempt to lose weight, there is weight loss, but it is very slow and I do get extremely disheartened. I whole heartedly agree that if will power could be bottled I would buy it no matter what the cost!

Good luck with the weight loss.

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Thank you ladies for your reply, it makes me feel i tad more normal as i see people all around me losing weight without a problem and i cant help but think why do i find it hard. I wish we could buy willpower.
I feel slightly more positive today, started my period after a long absence, so feel little less heavy and bloaty. Im seriously cuttng down, watchinf my portions, more fruit and veg and water.
I sort of feel, i dont want the pressure on me to attend a club etc and i reallt hope it works..... My trouble is that if i have one bad move or food choice and then i throw away all my hard work.
I hate being in this limbo and think that naturally thin people dont realise what a vile day to day battle everyone else has.
Kelly x


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i also have pcos and i have tried everything over the years, and nothing worked for me, i personally think this is because i do have quite a big appetite and always felt hungry with whatever i was following at that time. however i have been doing slimming world for coming up to 2 years now along with my dh. so far i have lost 6 stone, and "most" of the time i stay motivated. it also got me down a bit as my hubby has lost twice as much as me in the same time, but i have just have to deal with the fact that it will take a bit longer with pcos. since i have lost weight my periods are regular every month (well within a few days either way, which was unheard of from me).


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I know what u mean, I'm in the process of losing weight myself in order to get my menstrual cycle under control.

Good Luck with Every Thing - ;)