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Help planning Dinner Party Menu

Ok so next weekend I have friends coming for dinner.

I obviously want to do a slimming world friendly menu, but not obvious to my guests :)

Luckily for me, my friend is very health consious, so a nice healthy menu would be great for her too.

So, I'd like to do a Salmon dish I do. Its steamed salmon, with roasted butternut squash & tomatoes on a bed of rocket salad.

My help question is - what I can do for starters & dessert??

Any nice easy suggestions?? :D
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A really nice starter, seeing you are having fish is a nice ripe chilled Melon on a crisp bed of Salad, and topped with strips of Parma Ham and a wedge of fresh Lemon. Put tiny triangles of freshly buttered brown bread, decrusted, on a plate in the middle of the table for those who want it.

For Dessert, this is a traditional Scottish recipe adapted by me to decrease the fat n calories.

My version of Atholl Brose Cream.

You need a pretty wine glass per person and a teaspoon to eat with.
From a health shop, although Tesco's might stock it, get a small amount of Pinhead Oatmeal, it must be Pinhead, place on a tray and put under a grill shaking frequently until toasted, watch out for scorching as it catches very easily, alternatively you can toss it in a dry frying pan until toasted. Place in a dry jar to store when cold.(If you can't get it use Granola instead)

Before the meal hull and pick thro' the freshest Strawberries you can find, cut into even sizes if they are large, and dribble over a small amount of your favourite liqueur, the Scots use Whisky ;) I like them with Cointreau and pop in the fridge.

Also in the fridge have a nice large tub of Greek Yogurt ready, sweetened with a low cal sweetener or splash out with a spoonful of honey for a special occasion.

It only takes a minute or so to make but it must be put together just as you are going to serve.

When ready half fill the wine glass with the soaked Strawberries holding back one for each glass. Stir in gently to the Yogurt a sprinkling of Oatmeal, not masses, just to give it a bit of a crunch. Pile this mixture of top of the Strawberries and decorate with one Strawberry and a couple of mint leaves if you have them.

You can make this dish with Raspberries n Rum (Scots call it Cranachan) or ring the changes with other fresh fruit in season.
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for pud why not try the 1/2 syn roulade ( sorry cant spell)... I made it the other week and hubby loves it so much I have to to it every weekend now.......or how about a strawberry terrine ... I make up a pack of sugar free jelly and pour it over loads of sliced strawberries, when nearly set I make up another pack and mix it with fromage frais or nat youghurt and pour it on top of the first jelly....when set turn it out... or how about the giant jaffa cake....


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I know it's sticking with the fish theme but what about serving a big platter of frehly grilled prawns? You could serve it with lemon wedges and s/w chilli sauce (1syn) for dipping and bread on the side for those who want it or a big pot of mussles marinere (1syn) or provencal (1/2 syn) again with bread on the side and people can just dig in. Or you could try satay again with s/w satay sauce at 3 syns

On the pudding side of things meringues (can make for free using sweetner or for ease buy the nests for a few syns each) and top with ff fromage frais sweetened with a little sweetner or even a bit of vanilla and topped with lovely fresh fruit.

Let us know how it goes

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The peach and raspberry roulade from the July SW magazine was lovely, my dad didn't even realise it was SW! Good luck! x


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Some lovely ideas there definitely 'food for thought'! Let us know what you decide on (and an invite would be nice lol :D:D:D!)


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For starter, why don't you make some vegetable fritters. Grate potato, carrot, onion and any other veg you fancy. Mix with some seasoning, any spices you fance and some beaten egg, form into patties then fry. These are lovely with a little dish of sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Another option would be some goats cheese for your HEXA crumbled on a fresh rocket salad drizzled with some balsamic vinegar, and a few toasted walnuts for a few syns.

I've also seen some low syn pate recipes on here if you really wanted to push the boat out - could serve with some WM toast triangles.

For dessert - there are some lovely cheesecake recipes on the recipes thread - perhaps you could make one of those (with ice cream or cream on the side for people that want it)

Hope you have a good time


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loving the vegetable fritters with a dipping sauce. a melon starter is great but its something thats featured on most menus if you went out for a meal so tends to be the boring option. a syn free soup is something else to go for.


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The fritters are yummy, I often make sweetcorn and potato ones.

What about potato wedges with a yoghurt/lemon/mint dip - they are gorgeous as well.

Soup is another yummy idea.

Im hungry thinking about it. let us know what you decide - I love a good dinner party! xx
The peach and raspberry roulade from the July SW magazine was lovely, my dad didn't even realise it was SW! Good luck! x
Oh any chance of the recipe?? I don't have the magazine.

Pate - never even thought of that one, lol

I am thinking maybe a prawn & crabmeat salad to start with chunky pineapple piece's. Only thing is - i'll need a very low syn marie rose type dressing.

Dessert - Might do a mini cheesecake - I can use alpen bars for the base & quark & yoghurt topping with fresh strawberries & Raspberries


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What about garlic mushrooms on toast, its basically mushrooms dry fried with garlic, then add philly and quark the recipe is on here. I have got to add the 1/2 syn roulade is great and a lovely finish for any meal.


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my husband made a syn free lemon souffle from the 100 delicious deserts book last night.
absolutely delicious and if served in individual ramekins/glasses would look very posh! and i think it would go really well after fish.

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