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HELP! Please, anybody?!

I have just been given a job in Southampton where i work with kids from overseas who are here on summer camp- teaching them english, doing sports with them, supervising them all day... AND EATING WITH THEM....

I am so set on sticking to this diet but I KNOW i dont have the willpower to sit for the next 3 weeks at EVERY mealtime and watch my group eating. I just cant do it! Im SO determined to get to target and am doing so well (8lbs since i restarted on Sunday) and am gutted.

I just think, even if i HAD the willpower to sit there and watch them eat without doing it myself, I cant afford 3 weeks worth of supplies in advance (im seeing my CDC tonight before i go) and im not gonna be able to come back for a whole 3 weeks, so what do I do? Im also worried as Im expected to join in the sports, supervise late night discos etc with them which Im fine with as enjoy sport etc, but I wont have the energy to do all that AND not eat!

I dont want to keep stopping and starting! Im beginning to wonder with all that keeps coming up whether I would be better off just trying to eat like someone normally dieting at lunch and dinner and maybe having one shake for breakfast to make sure i get off on the right foot each day (my weakness is not eating in the morning then snacking in the day as a result)

PLEASE HELP ME WITH ANY ADVICE- i just dont know what to do :cry:
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i cant leave the site- im basically employed 100% of the time for the next 3 weeks with no time off at all (even in evenings and weekends) so i dont think i would be able to get to a CDC- its either i take the stuff with me or dont get it at all :( xx
OMG...... no time off!!!!

That is really bad..... what happened if you need something from the pharmacy.... this is important for your helth and wouldn't take long! I would explain the situation.... Or maybe you could ask the cdc to come to you? I know some of them do?
Yeah i know but its only a 3 week long job and i need the money.. my main concern is about having to watch the kids eat, when i ss i have to stay away from all food or i feel the urge... i lived in southampton a month or so ago and the nearest CDC is about 3-5 miles out of town and doesnt travel into the city for clients, they have to go to her. its so poo!
I have enough sachets to probably get me thru a week- am gonna swap them for tetras with CDC today so i can have them on the go and was thinkin if i can get another weeks worth i could maybe have one for brek, one for lunch and a normalish tea? what do u think Anne? x
couldnt you do 790, but split your meal into two and have half at lunchtime and half at dinner. THen with the three packs a day as well should keep the hunger pangs at bay.

It would be such a shame to have a break from the diet as Ive seen how much other people struggle to get back on the wagon after falling off.

Imagine how chuffed you would be when you get back to your CDC after a week. You could lose nearly a stone in that time.

I think it would be possible to stick to 790, especially if you have soups for lunch and dinner along with your half a meal.

Only you can decide, but if it were me I would rather come home lighter and proud of myself than eat just for eatings sake.

Good Luck.
PS. just noticed that you have 34lb still to go on your ticker, and that you go travelling on 3/9 which is about 8 weeks away. If you really stuck to the diet and lost average 4lb a week you would be at target before you go. Imagine how gorgeous you will be on your travels... Just something else to keep in mind.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there. Firstly congratulations on the job. Secondly, why don't you sit with them and have a bar? I did this once for a wedding. If you vary the flavours then you wont get bored either.

Good Luck.:)

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