Help please, i only like the chocolate flavour shakes?


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I only like the choc and strawberry shakes and so dont get much of a change either lol the only problem I can see is getting bored with the same flavour, although I saw slimfast cereal today so may try that :)


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hiya, i only like 2 flavours too! I have the banana for breakfast and then strawberry for lunch. I must be quite sad cos i really like the taste, i suppose they're both quite sweet.

i have these with 2 pieces of fruit and an evening meal and a blue riband and so far i'm losing weight so you should too!

I did read on here though that someone was swapping sf for tesco shakes as roughly they're the same but there might be a different flavour there or you might like the taste a bit better.

Good luck x:)



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I mix my shakes with the choc, one scoop of banana or strawberry then the flavour isn't so intense. Also if I have my choc shake as my evening meal I pop it into the microwave. Yummy as hot choc especially in the cold weather.
Good luck :O)


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I ahte choc shake lol! Cafe classic is nice and tesco have started stocking it lately. The cereal is pretty salty I found.. not keen! Not as bad as the soup tho lol