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Help please! I'm in a quandry... To switch or not to switch?!

Hello everybody!

I've been doing LL since mid-february and have gotten to the point where I don't like any of the packs and I don't find the developers sessions very useful... I'm also finding it's having a big impact on my bank balance!
My mum has recently switched from lipotrim to CD and her foodpacks look amazing! She let me have a nibble on a couple of her bars and they're SOOOO nice! There's also loads more flavours and you only need to have 3 packs a day.
As it is I'm finding it hard to eat all my packs cos I don't like them and I'm facing probably two more months of the same...

From what I've said you'd think it would be easy for me to say "I'm switching to CD". However, I feel that if I swap now I'll really miss my LLC and I worry that she would be disappointed that I'd been disloyal and switched! She's been very supportive of me throughout.. Part of me feels that I would be failing somehow by not completing the LL programme through to the end :confused:

Also, my biggest concern is the return to food. The management part of LL is the only thing that has kept me with the programme this long as I know it is meant to be very good and I feel I will need lots of support when it comes to this bit. I dont really know anything about the reintroduction of food bit in CD and am not keen on the AAM weeks every 4 weeks...

So, any advice/info/words of wisdom would be gratefully received!

Thanks for reading all that waffle!
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Hey Chinchilla

I swapped to CD today after 11 weeks on LL. As you read in the other thread, I couldn't take the limited choice of packs on LL any more. CD won't save me a great deal of money as I'm tall so I have to take 4 packs. I felt the same as you as I really like my LLC (she is lovely) and didn't want to feel I had failed. However, I sat and did the exercise on crooked thinking to see if I was doing the right thing...and I feel that I am still on the same diet (ie abstinence) but now I have more products to see me through all those additional months I need to do. So this isn't a stop and restart but a continuation. I just went straight from LL packs to CD packs.

I would still recommend LL but it didn't suit me for the long term. Obviously it's your decision...good luck and let me know how you get on.


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Morning Chinchilla,

I started LL in January and swapped to CD in March when the LLC suddenly quit. However, was on the verge of changing anyway as the sessions were doing nothing for me as many weren't being serious about it and that peed me off that I was shelling out good cash to listen to others waffling LOL - maybe I'm just a grumpy old sod

I have to say I do not regret the swap at all and have make great progress under my CDC. In fact I found that the swap rejuvenated my desire to succeed and keep going as there is a much wider choice of flavours and its like a new start.

Don't worry too much about the LLC as they cannot be the reason to stay. You will find that your CDC will be as friendly, supportive and helpful. Also, you don't just leave the tools of LL behind, you can still use them as I know I have - most of the time with success LOL.

As for re-introduction of food, AAM is actually part of the main 'plan' and isn't the move into maintenance. They have a number of eating plans that help you make that move when you are ready and really phases in food and phases out the packs. Pretty much like the LL process although slightly different.

You also save a shed load of cash which doesn't hurt either.

So in my view - go for it

Hope this helps