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help please......im stumped!


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I have a client who has been on Cd for 3months. After a dodgy start of about 3 weeks thing improved......but now for the last 5 weeks she has only lost 1lb per week. As you can imagine she is getting a little fed up with this. She has followed 790 from the begining a this was the best option to suither life style as she couldnt ss. I know the losses should be alot bigger than she has been getting of late.
Has anyone else had this happen? Out of 81 current clients she is my only one that this has happened to and i am stumped as to why!
She is still in ketosis and her portion size of meal is fine. She has cut out the bars to see if this makes a difference, but to date no difference at all. She is early 40s and currently weighs 12.4. She is 5'4. To date has lost just under 2 stone. And although this is still 2stone down itsvery slow now.
Any help and suggestions as to what to do next greatfully appreciated.

Thanks guys n gals
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erm.....sorry can't help....but wanted to bump it up for you :)



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Sorry i'm not a CDC, but is she eating the recommended veg? not slipping in garlic or onion... Is she drinking coke zero?Hope you and her get to the bottom of it as it must be very frustrating...Love


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another thing that can happen is thyroid problems, this can also slow weight loss, just a thought as it sometimes starts at this age and its worth asking. I suffered from this on and off and it can affect weight loss.


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Thanks guys

She swears that only allowed foods are passing through her lips and she doesnt touch fizzy drinks at all.
I will however double check the thyroid theory with her tomorrow.
thanks all.



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Have you asked her the personal question of whether she's had that contraceptive injection. Can't remember it's name.

I remember my CDC telling me about someone who was losing 3-4lbs a week, for weeks...then suddenly nothing, then nothing again, and again. Turned out she had this jab. Heard about it before. Might be worth mentioning.


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Oh! And if anyone can tell me the name of that awful jab that piles the weight on, please let me know, cos it's going to drive me crazy now.


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Its short name is called the depo jab,long name depovera
I'm sure you've already asked but is she still drinking enough water, as not enough would cause her to retain. Or has she started taking any medication, anti-biotics or the like which could do the same?

Other than that don't know what to suggest, it's very rare I'm sure.


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That's the one!! Someone else on here had awful trouble with it. Piled on loads of weight. Bit of a tricky one to ask about though
Ah and there i was thinking some of us are already crazy Trio, welcome to the club lol:D
Oh, I was crazy first :p


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Ohhh i would be interested to hear the answer to this one when i did CD before i had 3 weeks of only losing 2lbs then the fourth week nothing! my CDC said i was the slowest loser out of all her clients, great for the confidence that was as after that fourth week of losing slow i gave up! I didn't cheat drank all my water & had three packs a day, i did think of thyroid as i had heard of it before but not sure if it's an overactive thyroid or underactive this particular problem would relate to so i will be following this thread closely. As again my weight seeems to stoped this week. And i havn't had that depo thingy either lol.
I think anyone with a slow weight loss should get their thyroid checked, simply because this diet is designed so that your body HAS to use it's fat sources to just get by - which is why they say 1 stone a month average because that's the extra calories you burn! So if they're not losing that much, I would think it would be very sensible to get the thyroid checked.
K xx

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