Help please!!! I've lost my willpower :(

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Hello everyone, i thought I would make this thread as Im really struggling with my diet :(

I used to be great at dieting, i was doing weightwatchers for at least half a year non stop and lost 4 stone which made me very happy.

Since then I've put on about 2 stone and would be happy if I just got down from 10st 9lbs to 9st 7lbs. I had set a goal to lose 12lbs by christmas but at the rate I'm going I dont think it will happen :(

I find it really hard not to eat junk food all the time as I'm at home all day on my own Monday to Friday. I dont have a job and am really struggling to get one as I suffer from depression. I tried taking anti depressants but put on alot of weight while I was on them and I cant afford to pay for them anymore.

At the weekends I like to see my friends, which usually involves going to the pub or to a club and i am a big drinker, so find it hard to stay away from the alcohol :( Also I like to go to the cinema with my boyfriend and we always end up caving in and gettin sweets, popcorn or McDonalds!

Alot of the time everyone says I don't look any fatter and they say I look really good, so I think oh what the hell, I will eat and drink what I want! I just dont have the motivation or the willpower anymore. When me and my boyfriend were doing WW together we did really well for 3 weeks, but if one of us caves in then the other one does aswell :(

I am quite good at getting on my treadmill and speed walking or doing my exercise DVD so that isn't a problem for me.

I also forgot to mention that when I dont do my diet and eat what I want, I really do eat alot! Im allowed 19 points on my diet, but before when I havent done it I've eaten at least 50 points in 1 day!

I just really don't know what to do so any help would be appreciated as I know everyone on here is lovely and helpful :)

Katie xxx
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Hi and welcome to the site x

Sorry to hear you are struggling, we all go through it :hug99: Check out Icemoose's newsletters (he posts on Minimins, he lost loads of weight on the Cambridge diet and has successfully maintained). He gives out loads of great advice that applies to everyone not just those with loads to lose.

Mike Scott's No Willpower Required Newsletter

Hope this helps and good luck xx


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Wow those newsletters are FAB!


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Yes that can be hard I've been on WW's before and I was a big drinker and when I drunk I would cave and eat take away foods only to try and skip my food or points for the next few days but I found I was on a rollercoaster and unfortunately for me the weight piled back on. Back then trying to cut out alcohol was like taking my best friend away from me, I totally could not comprehend it. Another thing why my diets didn't work is because I use to split atoms when it came to the points I would totally try and eat the least I could so I could fit my wine or spirits in and what was really the problem is my motivation would slip and my will would crumble. Then I found myself in a cycle doing it all over again. I worked really hard at work and was so tired when I came home that the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner for my partner and I so we would end up having take aways, not the solution I know just the moment I was in. I'm going back on a diet and am happy that this no longer exists as I've thought it over, the only time I drink alot now is when I am stressed which doesn't happen often. I've come to enjoy a few glasses instead of many more.


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Hows it going now hun??