Help please : little disheartened with SW - now at target


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I joined slimming world in sept 09 at 12 st 3lb i set my club ten then my target was 10st 7lb i was really please to get there 2 weeks ago and was glad of the rest in paying too. I was told that to maintain i had to twice weekly add in a extra healthy B choice. Well i had a fun week on the weekend due to birthdays (balti naan rice, 8 vodkas, big sunday dinner and 2 puddings great)
but had toast late at night in the week to fit it in but not because i was not hungry.
Last week i just added sandwiches usually banana lol in the weekday

BUT i lost 4.5lb in those 2 weeks so now i am under my target and the 3lb you can sway up or down so if i dont put on 1.5lb before next week i have to start paying again.

I just took the extra loss as a bonus i am 5ft5 and at 10st 2 my bmi is 24.7 (24.9 being highest healthy) so i have plenty of space to adjust i think the lowest healthy weight is 7st10lb thats like another 2st 11lb

So my predicament is how do i heathily put on weight and stay the same?

should i just leave and go it alone? i can then flucuate as i like without paying £5 a week.

Or shall i start paying and readjust my weight again to a new target and pay more?

~I never thought i would end up paying to put on weight in the end. I really enjoy going the ladies are lovely and the info is gr8 especially the recipes

I go to the gym once a week - i fat burn 45mins and weights - 1 hour total. so its just the diet side of it i need to increase the food so that i can increase my gym to 3 times a week to tone up.

Let me know what you all think?
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I don't know anything about Slimming World apart from having tried some of their recipes but the one thing that came to mind when I read this is that is there any reason you can't just carry on on your own? I know you have reached your original target but why don't you just try adding in enough syns or extras or whatever they are until you feel you are having a healthy diet you feel you can live with, then just see where your weight settles at? Is it a major problem that you are still losing weight? I would be happy to be in your shoes!

You sound like you know enough about the diet to be able to go it alone - why not even set your own new target and do your own weigh-ins on here? There might even be other folk in your SW class who still want the support and structure of a weekly weigh-in to keep them on track but who don't want to pay til they really need to again - join with a friend from class to have your own WIs?

If you are going to up the exercise then up the food slightly too, but keep it healthy as your body needs proper nutrients when you are exercising. Just keep a close watch on your weight and readjust your food and exercise to make sure that you stay happy and healthy?

Don't know if this is any use or if I have completely misunderstood your post, but hope it was of some help!
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I would chat to your SWC, and pick another target weight, that is assuming you are happy to lose more weight.

If you like how you are already then I guess you need to do what it takes to stay within the range, or stop going to the meetings.


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I think it was Malaika (sorry if it's not) who e-mailed SW to see if she had to change her target by 7 pounds, they e-mailed her back to say that she could change it by less than 7 pounds as long as it's still in the healthy weight range.
This was posted last week so you could do a search or you could e-mail them yourself to ask, then tell your Consultant that you want this as your new target.
You don't have to WI every week when at target so you could just go for the meeting and not weigh.
You probably need to add more Heb's too, I was told 1 extra per day and if you still lose weight add more.
Don't give up going, it'll always be a support.

Just editing to say that Malaika has answered on the main board with the e-mail.
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Yes, it was me. I have mentioned it in another thread where I responded to you but here it is anyway:

Thank you for your email received at Head Office. If you are currently within our healthy BMI range and are wishing to tweak your Target then you can do this by less than 7lbs Sonia, but if you have taken Target outside of this healthy range than it must be amended by at least 7lbs.

If you would like a copy of the whole e-mail let me have your e-mail address and I'll forward it to you so you can show your consultant.
I suggest changing your target, but have a word with your consultant.


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It can take a bit of time to adjust to maintaining instead of losing do don't lose heart.

I think adding an extra HE twice a week is not enough to maintain after all that it is only an additional 240 calories a week. You should start by adding in another HE every day and if you keep losing carry on adding more until you stablilise. However some people prefer to increase their daily syn allowance, or to follow SW during the week and eat whatever they want at the weekend. To do this you need to be confident that you can get straight back on plan again come Monday morning, and that it doesn't turn into a slippery slope.

But as said, it you really want to lose a bit more you could set yourself a new lower target.


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As Circes says, it can take a little time for your body to settle down so I would give it another couple of weeks and see how you go. Talk to your C in the meantime and see what you can come up with. maybe tweek your goal weight a little if your happy to do so, but remember if you set it lower you will still have to maintain that weight which may be harder to do.


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Hun i dont wanna sound silly, but its not gunna hurt to put that 1.5lbs back on.. why dont you just enjoy yourself? if you needed half a stone back on and wanted to do it healthily then fair enough, but 1.5 is nothing, enjoy the fredom! xox

i fluctuate 2lbs on 2lbs off every week now im at target, its the way i like it :) xxxxx