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Help Please - Major Support Needed

Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for months on end, reading everyone's posts - wondering if anyone would reply to mine. Here goes: I sort of started CD in July last year, I actually live in South Africa but we have a home in Surrey, I met a fantastic CDC and started then stalled. I came back to SA and have been trying to figure out ways to get supplies of CD over here. Anyway, I did some research and have found a fantastic product here which is based on the CD formula, a guy brought the formula over from the States years ago. Anyway, the shakes have exactly the same nutrients as the CD ones.

I know a VLCD is the way to go for me because at least food is not an option. I have stocked up on Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry and want to start tomorrow, I subscribe to the Lightlife magazine and hope this will give me motivation. I was hoping that by posting here you guys would HELP too. I am back in England in June and want to really enjoy the summer.

I have started exercising, running 3 times per week and weight training twice week. Here are my stats: CW: 174LBS=12ST:sigh: GW: 146LBS = 10ST.;)

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Hi there! I love South Africa!!! Whereabouts are you?

I've got family in Durban and Margate - my mum used to live in Pretoria and my aunt just moved down south from Joberg!

If you are absolutely sure that the packs you have got are exactly the same as the UK CD, then go for it. Just be careful that they're not the same as the USA CD, as I'm not entirely sure that they are suitable for sole sourcing. I could well be wrong, but I think I've seen some info somewhere saying that it's more like slimfast, where you need to eat conventional food in additon.

Also - do you have a counsellor who will weigh you and monitor your health?

How tall are you, hun? If you don't mind me asking? It's just that you only need to lose 2 stone and you shouldn't really SS below a BMI of 25.

I honestly don't want to put you off, but I just felt I should ask - just to make sure that you're ok.



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I telephoned CD in the USA as I was going there on a holiday and wondered if I could buy the packs out there rather than lug through customs. They said they are not the same as the UK in terms of make up and you cannot SS on them. Hope that helps xxx :)

Hi Isobell and Bunnycd, thanks for your replies. Isobel, I am living in Cape Town which is absolutely beautiful, our home base is the UK, I am here with my husband's job:) .

The product I researched is called Ultima 1, the nutritional content are exactly like the CD ones, I went onto a website called aboutultimatehealth.com, and got all the info, they recommend sole sourcing but also suggest small meals in the evening. I am 5ft5in tall, weigh 79kg which makes my BMI 29 - I think. My ideal weight is 66. I know on LL you need to have to have 3 stone to lose to do SS but I read somewhere that on CD you can SS even if you have 2 stone to lose.

No, I don't have a counsellor that can weigh and encourage me that's why I'm "crying" out to you guys for motivation:confused: . Oh, forgot to add that I did SS on the Ultima1 in January and lost 4kg (8.8lbs), I'd started out in the new year weighing 84kg (184.4) - I felt great BUT did not have anyone to yell at or just chat to, managed 1 week and slowly crept back to bad eating, I have not gained any of that back. My DH supports me whatever, but it's not the same.

Have you read the book called My Big Fat Greek Diet? I plan to start tomorrow, will let you know how I get on.:wave_cry:
Hey Isobel1965

I've just checked out your stats and you and I have similar start and goal weights. I started at 184.8lbs. How long have you been SS to lose your 21lbs?

How did you get you funky ticker?

Height: 166cm
SW: 184.8lbs
CW: 173.8
GW: 145 - 28.8 lbs to go..................................:break_diet:
Hi there - re the sole sourcing - do be careful, if they're suggesting you have a small meal too. Don't take the risk of not getting your full daily requirement of nutrients and vitamins, hun.

The stats on my ticker are a restart. I lost 5 stone a year or so ago on SS which took me 130 days.

This time, I've lost 15lbs in erm..17days, I think. I've still got 21lbs to go but, once I've lost the next 7 lbs, I'll have to start reintroducing food again, as I'll be at my BMI of 25.



:) I will re-read everything and come back to you. I am just so frustrated I have a wardrobe full of stunning clothes that I can't wear and I know it's only two stone but it seems like a HUGE weight to carry. Losing 5 stone is an amzing accomplishment, well done. I've just peeped at your photo gallery and you look amazing. Truly amazing and inspirational. I am coming to the UK in June for about 5 weeks and I am going to be SLIM for all the sales. I've only been here about 9 months so I don't shop here because I hate trying clothes on!!!:wave_cry:

Are you doing any excercise?

How do I calculate my exact BMI? Sorry for all the questions:sigh:
You ask as many questions as you like, hun! That's what we here for!

Thank you for your kind words! I agree that 2 stone can feel like a huge amount when you're not used to carrying it!

I also have a big collection of lush clothes I bought when I first lost the weight that I'm dying to get into! So SNAP! lol

To work out your BMI, you can do it like a sum (but that's way too hard for me, so I use an online BMI calculator. You can find them just by using a search engine.

I have one installed on my PC, so can tell you that at the moment, your BMI is 28.6.

If you were SSing, having established that it was safe to do so, then you'd have to start reintroducing food when you got to about 155lbs.


I've just re-read all the literature re Ultima. They recommend 3 shakes per day PLUS one evening snack of about 129cals. I checked with my GP last Monday and he said it was okay to sole source (he hinted that he might try it himself needing to lose 10kg). This is what I will do:-

I will sole source with caution, to at least lose the 18lbs which will take me to 155 and then I will introduce one meal but will stick to low carb meals to stay in ketosis. I will check back with my GP weekly so he can check my stats etc....I will take one day at a time...........

So until tomorrow:cry:. My lighterlife magazines have so much information and the success stories are amazing, I wonder why CD don't have a mag like that:mad: .

Do you visit SA seeing as you have family here?
So long as your GP is happy with you SSing with Ultima, then great!

CD are working on a magazine, so I hear, so won't be long, I wouldn't have thought.

I used to visit SA a lot, before I left my ex-husband, as his mum has lived there for about 13 years in Durban. Now we've split, I don't go back to see the ex-MIL - she was bad enough when we were married lol. She misses me now he's married someone half his age LMTO!!!

Maybe one day, I'll go back to see my aunt but I've got no plans to at present. Too expensive with 3 kids! lol


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