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Hello everyone! hoping for your help and input.
I did SW years ago and never seemed to get my head around it and didn;t loose any weight. But after years of not managing my weight picked up a SW mag and decided that I liked the look of Extra Easy.

I cant go (dont want to!) go to classes so I have bought a starter pack from Ebay (I know I'm stupid, I might get to a class when I get a bit more confident)
In the meantime I only have 2 new mags and loads of old ones.

In the old mags there are loads of great recipies for red/green days which are 0 syns. Am I understanding this right that I can add rice/pasta to 0 syns for red and meat/fish to 0 syns for the green recipies and they are still OK for EE ?

Or have I got it completely wrong again?
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You can have rice, pasta and potatoes on EE and any lean meat or fish (unbattered) too. If you have some meals from old magazines you can use them and where the syn value is given for the meal, use the LOWEST one on EE. You are only allowed 1 HEA and 1HEB on EE and not 2 as on red or green. Hope this helps.


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Hello! Hope you get your head round SW-EE and start having great success with it.

Try reading this thread as a starting point:

You can have any free foods from either red or green days in combination. You get one A choice and one B choice, however, the lists are slightly different now. Not drastically though.

Any more questions shout up! We're always willing to help out here.

Good luck


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S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%) does seem that way when you first start! Just make sure you're eating a third of your meal as superfree foods (basically non-starchy veg or fruit). That helps to fill you up and means you won't eat as much of the carbs and protein.
And eat until you're satisfied. A big part of SW is that you can 'eat as much as you like' but what a lot of us find that really means is 'eat to your appetite' not eating unlimited amounts! So...don't eat too much. But equally, don't eat too little either. If you're hungry between meals and want a snack, don't deprive yourself. Go for some fruit first of all, and then use your syns.
Syns are great - they make you feel like you're eating 'normally'. Either use them in cooking, for things like oil or butter, or indulgences like chocolate and biscuits. Just make sure you're honest about them.
Keep a food diary too. It really does help.

I am sure you'll love SW!