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Help please ............On Exercise

:party0011:Can anybody give me advice on exercise ……………………I really think I need to start doing something now but………..I don’t really have time for the gym I work fulltime and any spare time I like to be at home with my 8 yr old little boy. So I was thinking in terms of a power plate or running machine, I am also open to any suggestions, I don’t really fancy a DVD but if any one can vouch for a good one I will take advice.
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longs to be average!
Ever thought about one of those little tampelines? you'll surprised at how much your legs ache after 20 minutes of jumping on one of those!
Hi Kassy

I've been looking into home fitness equipment quite a bit lately and found that it's a bit of a mine field. Decent treadmills are really expensive, whereas cross-trainers are much more reasonable and use up just as many calories.

I also considered getting an iJoy Surf simulator after seeing it on Supersize v Superskinny with Giilian McKeith, but they're £400 quid and I suspect it would get pretty boring wobbling about on them after a while... :) I also rejected the idea of mini trampoline for the same reason - I know what I'm like - I'll do it for a few days and then get bored!

I haven't bought anything yet, but have been trying to get outside and go for more walks instead and I am lucky that I can just go to the gym and use their equipment at the mo!

Maybe you could go and play frisbee in a park with your son or something and then you won't even notice you're doing exercise.

Monkey x


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I go swimming every morning at 8am.


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Ive got a mini trampoline and when I use it I love it! Should really get it out from the garage! Thats the trouble though, unless you have a spare room, its the storage with the big things. I do so want a surfer, but I expect it will be another dust collecter
Hiya, I bought the janice Battersby from Corrie DVD from Ebay (Don't laugh!!) It's great as its broken down into 20 minute slots, so if you don't have time to do the whole thing you can concentrate on bum, tum, thighs etc.

Saying that, I haven't watched it for ages!!!:whoopass::rotflmao::rotflmao:
GG I bought that at least 12 months ago and mine has still got the cellophane around it!!!

Oh the shame - think I'll get it out this weekend.
I bought the Davina McCall dvd. I watched it once. It looked good!! :rotflmao:

In all fairness, at the time I bought it it was pre-knee surgery and I couldn;t do it. But no excuse for now - maybe will dig mine out too!

I also have Ali McGraws Yoga dvd that she shot in White Sands, New Mexico - the scenerly and music is amazing, so thats a good one if you are in to yoga too.


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GG I bought that at least 12 months ago and mine has still got the cellophane around it!!!

Oh the shame - think I'll get it out this weekend.

I have a strictly come dancing one........still in its wrapper......Must get that trampoline in tho, cos that was good! Might help shift some of this STS malarky that I think will plague me this week.
:wave_cry:Thanks for all your replies …………..most of you have just reinforced my thoughts on exercise equipment as being major dust harbourers and garage fodder, I will carry on with my quest :confused: to find the perfect exercise encourager …………………that actually keeps you motivated for more than 5 mins.


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I read on a LL blog somewhere that the powerplate machines are the LL equivalent of exercise machines - i.e you get results 3 times faster than any other way! - These now seem to be available from £100 or so!

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