Help please with ketostix


MM addict
Please help someone, i have just bought some of the ketostix from boots. Can someone tell me what colour i should be.
Im clueless
Forgot to say
There should be a colour chart on the pack they come in. A flesh tone means no ketones, but a rose pink and stronger shows ketosis.
I've just done the test. I am the 2nd to last colour. Nearly the darkest, is that good. I was paniking silly me i thought the darker it was the worse. The instructions said if i tested moderate to large i had to contact the dotor immediately. Thank you so much
Your in ketosis then yay !! :)
I think the last two can show dehydration- I had to use ketostix daily with really bad sickness in pregnancy.
Just make sure your drinking lots.
Well done
I've drunk about 3 litres today. But i just keep going to wee every 10 mins.
Im not used to drinking so much.
I'll keep going though and maybe do anoter test tomorrow.
How often should you do them.
The only way it will change to very pale is if i eat, is that right?
You'll find your bladder does get trained quite quickly to hold fluid for longer and without the discomfort.

I test first thing in the morning-otherwise it's diluted with all the water we're glugging and might not show.

I did do them daily at first, but now test twice a week.
Yes if you eat it will go back to no ketosis.

Just keep drinking the water ! :)
Can you get these kitosticks anywhere or just boots?
Can you buy over the counter in boots or do you have to ask the pharmasists>
Also how much are they?

I'm not sure if I can wait till Monday to see if I'm in Kitosis or not LOL
Umm i just asked over the counter and they sold them to me. You get 50 strips in a box and they cost £4.99.
Im sure you can get them otherplaces but they're sold over the counter. I was asked why i wanted them too.
Is your 1st weigh in Monday? Mine is too.
Was your cdc gonna test you then?
Good luck and well done so far!
I've just rung up my local Llyods pharmacy and they sell them for £4.75 so I'm off down the shops to buy some.

Yes my first weigh-in is on Monday. My CDC said she keeps a pack in her downstairs toilet so that anyone who wants to test each week can do so without paying for a pack of 50. But I don;t want to wait that long LOL
I bought some today too. I am only on day 2 but I am sure it was showing a slight pink colour. I will re-test 1st thing in the morning and see how I get on. My sister is a diabetic and can get the on prescription. I will pinch a few from her as she has sa special ketosis machine that tests them from her blood!
Just tested and I'm bright pink, so although I am now in Kitosis I'm also not drinking enough. Must try and drink more
Just tested and I'm bright pink, so although I am now in Kitosis I'm also not drinking enough. Must try and drink more

It's also about drinking regularly. It maybe that you are drinking enough but all in one part of the days if you get my drift. Aim to drink consistently throughout the day :)