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help please!!!!!

hi all
ok i started on xenical last month and i have my first dr weight in on mon. i started at 18.5 and i think im around 17.10 now but i think im doing it all wrong. i was sort of following the ee plan for sw but i'll lose one week and then put on the next. can someone please give me an idea of what you guys eat on a day to day basis, im a cambridge diet girl really so am used to losing 5 or so pounds a week. BUT the weight always come back once you come off it hence the reason for going on xenical.
feeling very blue so please help!!!!
v x:confused:
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I think you need to try and shake of your cambridge diet girl cloak hun. It would be fab to loose 4 to 5lbs a week ( hell it would be fab to wake up to find I had magically become a size 10 over night ;) lol) but while not on a VCLD, that 4 to 5 lbs a week is not going to happen. A loss of 1-2 lbs a week is more realistic, and what more, studies have shown that its healthier and by losing more slowly more likely to stay off. Plus you are telling us that in your first month that you've lost 9 lbs , that's fantastic :D And I'll bet you any money that when you do get weighed by your Dr, you'll have actually lost more than you think you have :)
I'm just about to post my food diary in the xenical diary section, most of us post one so have a look through the diaries hun. Today I'm basically having fruit, yoghurt and toast for brekkie, soup, pitta, veggie pate and salad for lunch and a roast dinner.

Hello Vicklee

I too was a cambridge diet girl and last year lost 5 stones in 3 1/2 months on it but put it all back on plus more as it didnt change my bad eating habits or re-educate me about food.

I started Xenical last week and am also finding it hard to shake off the CD cloak. I am finding it hard to eat enough food and calories a day ! :eek:

BUT Xenical is for the first time making me look at what is actually in the food i consume. It has made me see that low fat foods can actually be really yummy and filling. I have always had this preconception of healthy is yucky but i have had some lovely lunches and dinner the last few days that have left me filled up and i have really enjoyed.

Keeping going as a 9lbs loss is brilliant. It is better to go slow and staeady and keep it off then rush and end up putting it all back on X

Good luck X

I also have a diary but i havent been that adventurous with my meals yet as still learning the 5g rule and wary of side effects but i am getting there.

Also have you joined My fitness Pal. It is great for looking up values of food, keeping a daily food diary etc etc
Hey Vickylee 1-2lb was the norm for me on xenical :).
thanks guys you have been a massive help, well i have my first weigh in today so please fingers/toes the lot all crossed for me.
its so easy to put on but so hard to get off again.
i think your right thou just losing the weight isn't enough i need to look and think about what i eat and the amount.
thanks girls i did a 9 pound lose, get me woo hoo lol x x x

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