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ok i have a question thats been driving me insane.. so thought id post it here. Im kinda scared of carbs! And really want to sort it out!

Id just like to know if a gram of carbohydrate is a gram of carbohydrate.. no matter what form. An example would be lets say 20g of carbs in vegtables... compared to 20g of carb in cereal... i obviously am ararse some carbohydrates like the cereal may make you feel hungrier after a smaller period of time.. but carbohydrate and gaining weight wise... is every gram of carb equal?

and second question... if i stuck to a diet under 50g of carbs a day... would i be sucsessful still if i included bread and a bit of cereal in my diet? as long as it was under 50g a day?

sorry! just cant get me head around the whole thing..
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Carbs are different, sorry to throw that in lol. There are carbs and there are net carbs. Net carbs are what your body uses, and the rest just passes through, so for instance the carbs is processed cereal are more likey to be used by your body than the carbs in vegetables, which contain a lot of fibre. Fibre is a carb that will pass through your body without impacting on your blood sugars so much.

I dont worry too much about net carbs, I count all the carbs and if my body wont use it then thats a bonus. The key is to try to have your carbs in whole food as much as possible.

Keeping to under 50 carbs will get you into ketosis, even if some of that comes from bread or cereal. I often have a sandwich for lunch and still find im ketosis come the evening. If you are going to have bread have it in the day rather than later. I would be careful about having both cereal and bread in the same day though, and if you do want cereal then porridge is probably the best option, or go for something like bran flakes.