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Help please :)

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a bit of advice please. I've always been a SWer and the last few weeks I've been really focussed after having struggled to get back on track after xmas. Anyway it was going ok, -1.5lb, -2lb then last week I gained 1lb (unexpectedly) and last night I lost 0.5lb. I was so upset and disheartened, not to even lose the 1lbI gained the week before. :sigh:
Anyway, it got me thinking if SW is really the right plan for me and I was wondering about WW. Has anyone got any advice who has tried them both? I have never dione ww so I dont really understand the concept etc. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys :)
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Hi. There's a sticky above which explains the WW propoints plan. I was doing SW but getting nowhere fast and switched to WW in the new year and have been doing well so far. I had done WW in the past so had an idea what it involved and I was attracted by the new plan. I'm finding it suits my Lifestyle much better than SW with the weekly points allowing me to have a night out or weekend treats without blowing the plan and not depriving myself all week.


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Hi. I've done SW in the past but never got on with it. LOVED the fact you had all the free food and could pile your plate up etc etc, but in the end that was my downfall. I just used to eat massive portions all the time, constantly be bloated etc! And I never really lost anything... The first week I'd always lose about 2lbs but then I'd put on a pound, lose half, put on half, etc etc. However with WW I've found I've just taken on a completely new attitude to food. I eat so much healthier now that I have to really think about what I'm eating! As you can see from my weight losses, I've lost over half of the weight I need to lose in 8 weeks!

The only advice I can give is to go with what feels right. If you do end up coming over to WW then I'd say that you need to completely forget everything you've been taught at sw. They are two very different diets! Yes, with WW you have to weigh and measure everything and sometimes you look at something and think "is that all I've got to eat" but you soon learn ways to stretch your points out! I find that if I plan my dinners for the week then that really helps.... I now know that I tend not to go over 12 or 13 points for dinner, I always have the same thing for breakfast which is 4pp and so then I know how many I've got left for the day, if that makes sense..... Most veg and fruit is zero pointed which really helps - I really pile my plate with veggies at dinner to bulk it out!

Also, with ww, if you sign up to the monthly pass you get access to esource (which is fab) plus if you have an iphone you can download the app - which has been my key to success as it means I dont have to carry the books around with me and can track as I go
Thanks for all your replies, I just don't know what to do! I've just been having a look online and it seems so confusing! I know sw was the same and I guess I'd get used to it. I'm trying to track PPs as I go along with my sw food. So far I've only had 2 weetabix with 250ml semi skimmed milk and a plum.
rover_gem said:
Thanks for all your replies, I just don't know what to do! I've just been having a look online and it seems so confusing! I know sw was the same and I guess I'd get used to it. I'm trying to track PPs as I go along with my sw food. So far I've only had 2 weetabix with 250ml semi skimmed milk and a plum.
Don't try to track pp along side SW tho cos both are completely different plans and something that is low syn/free on SW isnt necessarily low pp :)
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Hi I have been switching between the two and have finally decided to stick with ww pro points. I find it's more manageable with every day life, reality is we all need a treat sometime and I think the weekly pro points allowance really helps to do this without blowing it.
I think you do have to plan more on ww as with sw once you know the free foods you can base your eating around these. However for me the planning is a good thing as it helps me to feel more in control.
Hope this helps, good luck with your weight loss whichever you decide to go with x


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I have literally just switched. I have noticed several things which might explain why I wasn't losing any more on SW. Last night i cut up some new potatoes to make wedges and then weighed them. If I had eaten all I prepared I would gone way over my points allowance. I cooked some chicken thighs to go with it and again I couldn't have all I cooked. Funny enough the smaller portion still filled me up. So it made me realise how much i had been over eating because it was free. It has been a pain having to weigh everything as I am a cook from scratch person. I also find it difficult when I am hungry and want to grab something other than fruit that nothing is free.
On the plus side it is great knowing you can have cereal and sandwiches on the same day without having to think oh my lunch will eat into all my syns. I can have healthy avocado for lunch and not have to take it out of syns but out of my lunch quota (personally set by me). All foods can be worked out quickly as a rough guide by allowing 40 calories per point which means you can grab and run.(similar to how syns are 20 calories per syn) The esource is a million times better than SW on line. If you go to group there is no comparison WW everytime. No happy (bored clappy) I am loving the variety. I may get frustrated with all the weighing and measuring but only time will tell.
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well i went with ww felt sw was to confusing for me syns, green day, red day. so have been doing it since january and im very pleased with my loss. also i feel its more like a proper eating plan than diet dont go to bed hungry like other diets i have done. Im not eating the weekly pp feel i wont lose as quick but if i have a day when i have gone a bit over the daily i dont feel ive blown it:eek: hope that has helped:D
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if you have always had good losses with SW I would keep on going with it. A small set back with 1 lb gain and then 0.5 loss is not the end of the world: you could have been ovulating last week and have had your TOTM this week? Are you constipated? Have you eaten some salty stuff recently? Drank a lot of water? There could be many reasons why you put 1 lb on, but I doubt it's because your diet doesn't work. I'm the biggest supporter of WW and I think it's the best diet ever, BUT if SW worked for you I don't see why you should change. The first time I slimmed down with WW I hit a plateau for 3 months. My weight was fluctuating around the same 4 lbs and I was stuck there for the whole summer. Did I give up or go to another diet? NO. And you know what? The weight started dropping again and I reached goal. And you knwo what's the most amazing thing? After 3 months of plateauing, I put on a pair of trousers I had dismissed 3 months before because the weather had got really hot. My weight was THE EXACT SAME than when I had put that pair of trousers on the last time, but the trousers were so baggy I looked as if I had been ill. So... even if my weight hadn't dropped, my body had changed massively!

My suggestion is talk to your consultant, see whether it's a good idea to change something in your weekly regime, maybe try to shake your metabolism with days with more calories/syns/whatever (I don't know how SW works!) followed by days of using the minimum of your resources. Try doing more exercise! And anyway follow your consultant's advice. take your measurements also, because you could be losing inches rather than lbs!

And if all of that fails, THEN try weight watchers and it might be the best choice you'll ever make :)

Good luck! xx

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