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Help please!!

Hi all
I've been doing ww pro points for about 10 weeks and have only lost 10 lbs, I lost 7lbs in first 2 weeks so it's been mega slow since then! I'm getting really disheartened and I feel like giving up all the time and then end up having a binge and eating junk food! Don't know why I do it as it just make me feel worse! I have a long way to go until my target (about 3 stone) and I really want to get there but I am losing motivation as I want it to be coming off quicker than it is! Any ideas how I can get back motivated and hopefully get this weight of quicker??
Thanks xx
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i'm in a similar boat to you, 7 weigh ins and only 6.5lb loss. but it's still a loss, that's what i keep telling myself and i'm pretty certain that if i made better food choices and drank more water to flush myself out that i would be seeing better losses.

my weigh in is tomorrow and i'm hoping for a 1.5lb loss.

tomorrow is a new day and i have vowed to drink lots of water every day and make wiser food choices, i'm going to give it a few weeks and see if my losses are better (i'm sure they will be)

stick with it, you'll get there. 10lb is alot of weight to lose, just think that worst case scenario (if you're losses stay as the are) you'll have lost another 10lb in 10 weeks and will look fantastic. :)
A loss is a loss - painfully slow sometimes but it will be worth it no matter how long it takes. On the upside you'll be less likely to get stretch marks if you lose weight slowly!
Don't be so hard on yourself!!! Just think if you had not started on the plan you could actually be 10 lb heavier by now...
Are you still tracking everything that passes your lips? as it can be hard to remember later in the day. Do you still weigh your portions to check you are getting them right..
Don't lose heart you will get there in the end
Thanks for your replies! I have ten weeks before I go holiday and would be chuffed if I could lose ten pounds by then! I suppose deep down I know what I need to do to lose more weight but there always seems to be something in the way! Tomorrow is a new start....no excuses!!
Bertha23....yeh I do track religiously Sunday to Friday as I track on my iPhone app so do it as I go along! My weigh in is on a sat so I don't tend to track on that day after I have weighed as usually go out for a meal or a few drinks and then just write my 49 points off for the week! Perhaps this is where I'm
Going wrong??
I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast, muesli and yogurt but I have a variety of different things for lunch and dinner as i enjoy cooking and like trying different recipes! I don't drink enough water so perhaps I'll try that this week and see if it makes a difference! Thanks for the help!
My loses are slow too but consistent and steady. Usually 1/2 to 1 a week.... 1.5 this week but had STS last week.
Just think in one year that's 52lb! And that's over 3 1/2 stone and is a huge amount.
Slow and steady wins the race :)
Well done on you loses so far x

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I'm the same losing on average 1.1lb a week. It might be slow but because I am not starving myself and enjoying my food and able to have a social life, I know I can do this long term. I could have quicker weight loss but I would get fed up with it, go off the rails and then put it all back on again.
The first two weeks I had great results, three weeks of a pound or two abs then nothing really for the last four weeks! I have my 29 dailys and usually 20-30 of my weeklys. I do about 30 mins walking most days and the gym a couple of times a week. This week I'm only going to use my dailys as I seem to be maintaining already and I need to lose another stone first! So hopefully by cutting down to the basics I'll kick start losing again and then once the stone has gone I'll put the points back up to maintain x

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