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Help please


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S: 18st3lb C: 18st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.18%)
I am asking which plan you all think i shud stick with to start
I am drawn to ee because no weighing ect
But i dont like salad or many veg turnip beans and peas are all i like
But i like all fruits do you think that would cover the superfree foods req for ee
Thanks in advanse lesley
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The idea of 1/3 superfree is to control the amount of free foods you put on your plate. If you were going to have fruit after your meal you could try leaving 1/3 of your plate empty to make up for not having the veg.

Although fruit is free it isn't as low in calories as vegetables, so trying to eat fruit as 1/3 of your overall food intake might to be advisable.
(The Food Standards Agency recommends 5 portions of fruit and veg daily but says that only 2 of these should be fruit because it contains a lot of natural sugars)
You could try it but in my personal opinion, the third veg on your plate is important to the success of EE but I know that some people don't manage to do it this way and are still successful.
You do need to eat the 1/3rd superfree on EE in my opinion - unless you are good a portion control already and can leave 1/3rd of your plate free (I'm definitely not!!). The other option would be to put your food on smaller plates. But you will find that if you eat all your SF as fruit you will be eating too much sugar. Also , some veg are not Superfree - Peas, Sweetcorn, Parsnips, Potatoes aren't superfree - so you have to be careful and not count htese as part of the 1/3rd.


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The third superfree is not essential but it is recommended, and as previously said, EE doesn't work for some if they don't have the third superfree.

I'm not a fan of leaving the plate a third empty if I don't have my superfree, I just can't get my head round that - mind you, I don't really need to as I love veg and salad!

Don't forget though, that things like tinned tomatoes in recipes count as superfree and you can always grate carrot into bolognaise which is a good way of sneaking veg in without really realising it!

See how you go, maybe do red or green if you are not successful but it's worth a try as EE is just that.
Good luck.


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I never used to like veg but am a convert now, although not keen on just boiled / steamed veg. I add loads to curries, chillies and mince. If you like peas, then soya beans are well worth a go (delicious and sweet and superfree) - cheapest is in Tesco frozen. My fave meal is now stir fry veg and chicken with noodles, and that's at leat 50% veg when I make it.


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Just think what a good example you will be setting for your children if you start eating all your veggies! It's difficult to tell them to eat them if you don't do it yourself. It's not such a huge leap from peas to sweetcorn. It's still not superfree but it has the same texture and sweetness that peas have ... and it's the same with moving from turnip to including parsnips and carrots. From there you could try peppers, courgettes and aubergine. Just dice them up nice and small and you won't even realise they are there.


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I know its first day but im quite proud of myself
I made chicken with egg noodles dried and i put peas in it the kind in the pod onion and its a big start for me lol
Thank you guys lesley
I assume by "peas in it the kind in the pod" you mean mange tout - if so then these are Superfree and a Speed food so will count as part of your 1/3 superfree.



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S: 18st3lb C: 18st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.18%)
Lol thats what i meant coudnt mind the name im a bit of a bomb scare with veg and salad
Im always the person who leaves it at the side of the plate untouched
I liked them mangetout things tho
Just salad now does balsamic vinegar stuff taste just like normal vinegar you would have on chips
Sorry im really not stupid just where salad and veg is concerned
Balsamic Vinegar tastes a little sweeter than the vinegar you'd [put on chips, its darker, and has a thicker texture- just don't go overboard on it!! You don't need as much as you would of normal vinegar.

If you like Mangetout then maybe try some of the other sweeter veg like carrots (much nicer raw in my opinion) you could grate some into your salad, or swede mash, or sweetcorn on the cob (not superfree but still nice and very good for you)

silly sausage

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If you like mange tout, you are only a hop and a skip away from enjoying fine beans :D

I think a lot of people are put off veg in childhood by school dinners veg. If your veg is fresh and cooked properly, it makes a world of a difference. Maybe you could try a veg a week. You might surprise yourself. Good luck, Lesley :)


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I'm doing Green days at the moment because I also struggle to get my superfree in. I blame my husband who will only eat peas and beans! However, I am not huge meat eater and only tend to have it with my evening meal.

Have a think about what puts you off veg and see if you can work around that. Not everything has to be boiled to a squish! I love my veggies crisp and when boiling them, I only ever let the water start to boil, then get them out. You could also try roasting things like carrots, butter nut squash or swede. You can get a lot of things like this ready chopped in the supermarket and I think they make a really nice alternative to potatoes.

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