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Help... PLEASE

Seriously worried about my first weigh in on Wednesday after joining last week.

I have stuck to everything this week, i have not tried to make complicated foods which would query syns or anything. I have averaged out about 11 syns a day, had the HE that i need to. Have eaten 3 steady meals a day, and if hungry between have made use of bovril and fruit.
I used to be bad for not eating breakfast and often skipped lunch too... would this have anything to do with it?

I did the worst thing ever today. I weighed myself!!! and it says ive not lost anything since wednesday.

I am really worried about this, as i am pretty sure ppl usually have quite a good loss on week 1.... please can you let me know what your losses were on week 1?

I am not in a hurry as such to loose weight, but when ive done SW before i think i lost about 7lbs in the first week...

I have done all red days except 1 green yesterday... any advice anyone?

Is this normal??

Thanks :) (And i wont be weighing myself again!!!)
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Slow and steady...
I'm glad you've said you're not going to weigh yourself again!

Everyone's losses are different first week and it depends on how bad your diet was before you joined, it also depends on how much you have to lose.
Hope for 2lbs and be happy with anything above that. And don't worry, if you've done the plan properly (which it looks like you have) you WILL lose weight.

Good luck for your weigh in!



Former SW Target Member
I lost 1.5lb in my first week, a lady at group lost 0.5lb sometimes you don't see the big loss you hope for in the first week, but if you are following the plan it catches up and you do lose. It also depends on how you were eating before someone who practically lives on takeaways and crap is more likely to lose massive amounts of weight in week one than someone who is only making minor changes or coming from some other sort of eating plan. Good luck. Hugs Crystal xx
Hey thanks everyone.

Ive been out for a walk and sorted myself out a bit.

Ive never really been one to live on takeaways, but i wont say my diet was as healthy as it could have been what with skipping meals and then eating things which were not good for me.

I dont mind what i loose, as long as i do... took alot to rejoin last week, and i am following everything 100%, written everything down... drinking lots of water.

I do feel better for changing what i am eating, i just dont want to loose my enthusiasm.



On track to target
Take a note of your measurements..... when you're feeling down or disapointed as I am sure you will in the future, seeing the lost inches is a great motivator.

Only advising to do it now, in your 1st week, as I left it for about 3 or 4 weeks into the plan...

Good luck for your WI


Silver Member
You'd be surprised at how your weight can fluctuate from day to day. Don't worry about the scales until you need to weigh in at class. If you only have a small loss, you'll probably find that if you stick to the plan, you'll catch up over the weeks.

I lost 5lb on my first week
You will be fine.... and you will have lost! :eek:

I am a bugger for keep jumping on the scales though! I must resist!!! LOL

I'm trying to avoid standing on the scales each day (or 10 times a day!) It is a really hard habit to break but for me it is better if I don't weigh until my weigh in day.

It sounds like you have done really well this week. Have faith in the plan...it may not show a huge loss this week but if you stick to it then it will work....it has to!

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