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I've really been craving food today, so I thought I would get on the scales to see how well I had done and not to ruin it and I have put on weight (1.5lbs) :( How can that be? I have 100% stuck to it since the 15th and only been drinking alot of water and a glass of coke zero a day. I've also been going to the gym and walking more so I am soo upset and confused right now!! Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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I found many years ago when I did the cambridge diet (similar VCLD) that when I exercised I always lost very little or nothing! It was demoralising and very very confusing as we are told that exercise helps weight loss!! However, when on a low calorie diet...im sure the body 'hangs on' to it to compensate for the exercise??
Your weight naturally fluctuates 2.2lbs every single day, hence why you should only ever weigh at the same time of the day to get an accurate reading. Consider all of the fluids you have put into your body today as well, I would take it as a false reading and if you really want to weigh yourself to see a true result, do it at the same time as you usually do. Best time is in the mornings x
I would say ignore it as a blip as you've weighed yourself so late in the day...as Sherrie says it's most likely to be the extra water. Don't give yourself reason to stray by maybe saying "what's the point?" It's impossible not to lose weight on this VLCD eventually, even if you've stayed the same or had a minor gain for whatever reason. Disheartening I know but keep at it. Also, what gbee says, could it be that too much exercise is interfering with your loss?

Hang in there, it will come off.
Did you weigh at a different time that normal , as others have said your weight can fluctulate a lot during a day .. i can actually weigh up to 6lb more in an eveing than I do in the morning !!! and also too much excersise / TOTM can effect your losses too , dont let it demotivate you , use it to push you to keep trying :)

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