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Help please!!!!!!

Ladies and Gents,

Need all your advice plz??????? Im on ss, however am struggling to stick 2 it 100%, just picking most days, then feeling so guilty! Yet when i was on my aam week, and the days ive ate a chicken salad 4 lunch (theoretically cheating :sigh: ), ive not wanted to pick??? After sifting thru posts about ss versus 790, im seriously considering going onto 790, I really really really need advice on this please, am im fairly new 2 this game, and i no some of you r a bit more familiar.

Should i move???? :confused::confused::confused:

Any advice would be more than greatfully recieved!!!!

Have a wicked nite 2nite all of u in Brum!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Luv Danielle. x x x x x x
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Hello Danielle. I've not wanted to go to my GP, so mainly stick to SS+ (I have 4 CDs a day, plus half a pint of skimmed milk, or 3 CDs and a no-carb meal). It means my results are slower, but it's easier to avoid picking. I still have the odd moment where the carb monster takes control, but these are getting fewer and much further apart, thank goodness, and it's mostly me in control these days!

I know that if I set myself too hard a regime I will struggle and if I feel I'm failing I will give up altogether so slow but steady is more realistic for me personally. But you've got to do what you know in your heart is the best for you. Obviously slower is more expensive in the short term, but I want to get rid of this once and for all - not get on the see-saw of off quickly and then finding myself right back at the beginning (or worse!!!) and having to find the courage to do it all again. Good luck with it - I know that with the support of everyone here you will find your way.
Why dont you try the 790 and see how you get on, you can always move back down if you want to. I think that if the additional meal is helping you to stay on track it might be exactly what you need right now

Best of luck with your decision
well i have to say that all of my friends i saw last night (some big some small) said that they dont know how i have managed this diet, and that there is no way they could do it...
i truly believe that ss'ing is not for everyone!
i have been one of the lucky few and have found it easy for 90% of the time.
that sad, i could not do ww/ sw/ 790 etc as i cant stop eating when i start.
i reckon there is a weight loss plan out there for everyone.
no point beating yourself up about not being able to ss... i am dreading leaving ss and doing other levels of cd as i dont want to eat yet! dont feel ready...
so we are all different and i think it is important to look around and try diff approaches for losing weight. what works for one will not necessarily work for another.
good luck xxx
My advice is to do whatever is going to get you through this journey.

There isn't a right or wrong answer to this.

If moving up to SS+ or 790 will keep you on the diet and stop nibbling then it's a worthwhile move.

We all have our little 'tricks' for keeping on the diet, whether that's moving up a plan for a few weeks, or being super strict as any slip will lead to catastrophe, so whatever is going to work to keep you 'on plan' and not feeling guilty is the thing to do.

In my eye's nibbling and feeling guilty for it is counter productive, as you either have a big binge, or it doesn't initially affect your weight loss so you see it as acceptable. So by takng positive action now and choosing your path you are nipping this in the bud and will learn a vital lesson about yourself too.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
Thanks every1 4 replying, its really helpfull to know what everyone else is doing/has done. And if theres any1 else been in my predicament and has decided 2 go 4 790, how has it worked? Im on aamw this coming week, so will see what the weeks losses r like ( and if it is easier) then make my decision.

Did you all have good nite last nite??? Hope so, wish i dint have 2 work, woulda gone.

Luv Danielle. x x x

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