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Please help. Weight loss plateaued - back to sw after a while - is this ok?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by flossyxo, 9 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    Hi, I have lost 6 1/2 stone since march last year through general healthy eating and SW from home. I have been the same weight now since around christmas but actually managed to lose half a stone since march by going to the gym but i am finding it hard to eat so healthy now :( after a very bad weekend away, i have put 4lb on and i am absolutely gutted. this is the first time ive gained since i lost weight and i feel so angry at myself. my hard work at the gym has all been undone and i am so embarrassed.

    I'm back on SW now and have written myself up a 5 day meal plan but as im doing it from home, i have no idea if this is correct :confused: Please would someone be kind enough to have a look over it for me?

    I have 21lb to target (9 stone is my target)

    Thank you xxxx

    monday - breakfast: all bran and skimmed milk
    dinner: starberrys and apple
    tea: 50g wholemeal pasta with tinned tomatoes, courgette, peppers, onion, 150g lean turkey mince and colmans spag bol mix

    tuesday: b - 2 slice wholemeal toast with 2 lightest laughing cow triangles
    d - salad, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, light mayo, tuna
    t - baked potato with 200g (small tin) heinz baked beans and salad

    wednesday: b - all bran and skimmed milk
    d - strawberrys and apple with two finger kit kat (5 1/2 syns)
    t - egg, bacon no fat, sw chips

    thursday: b - 2 slice wholemeal toast with low fat spread
    d - chicken mugshot with apple
    t - 150g lean turkey mince with stock cube, onion, carrot, broccoli and sweet potato chips

    friday: b - all bran and skimmed milk
    d - banana and orange with two finger kit kat (5 1/2 syns)
    t - 70g brown rice with chicken breast, curry powder, small tinned tomatoes, courgette, onion, peppers

    How does this sound? I struggle mostly with dinners as its quite limited at work and cant warm anything up etc. I am really fed up of being this weight but also look at the above menu as too much and cant see me losing weight on it :(

    i appreciate any help at all. thank you x
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  3. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Firstly well done! Your loss so far is amazing! We all have rubbish patches where we can't be bothered any more and everything feels like a struggle- you're in good company here!
    Ive only been doing sw for 12wks ish so hopefully someone else will come along and read your meal plan but what it says to me is not enough! There's no way that amount of food would keep me going for a day. A meal maybe! Not enough syns and you're not using both hexes everyday.
    Ive read loads of times that when weight loss slows, sometimes you gotta eat more!
    Good luck x
  4. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    thank you for the reply :)

    i thought my hexes were my toast/bran and milk/cheese every day :confused: i am paranoid that if i eat more it will just result in a massive gain! like i said, i put 4lb on this weekend which has really upset me :( albeit it was junk food but its still put such a downer on things xx
  5. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    I have to agree use your syns and your hea milk/cheese you need the calcium. Well done for your weight loss so far
  6. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    sorry to be a pain but i really thought my hexes were right :eek: what do i need to add? x
  7. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    Congratulations on your loss to date - you have done extremely well.

    As Rosiepops has said, we all experience periods when we wonder whether it's all worth while - think back to when you started and you'll soon realise that yes, it IS worth while.

    Why not slightly change your way of thinking? e.g. 1) You haven't/didn't plateau - you practised maintaining until you were ready to move on to the next stage of your weight loss (and doing it very well). 2) Your exercise isn't all about weight loss - it's about improving your fitness and toning you up. And 3) Life is to be enjoyed, so if a holiday or other nice time involves food and drink try to enjoy having it without guilt and shrug off the gain as you know you can get it off again. Remember, if naturally slim people gain weight on occasion - they seem to automatically cut back to return to their natural weight again.

    Turning to your menu, I think it seems a bit insubstantial. I appreciate your problem with lunches, but could you take hot soup/stew etc in a food flask? Add a yogurt and/or some extra fruit perhaps or rejig your menu and have fruit and/or yogurt for breakfast and use your HExB of wm bread for lunchtime sandwiches. Generally, you could increase the amount of superfree eg when you have bacon and eggs add some mushrooms and tomatoes (and perhaps some free baked beans). It's a good idea to try to make superfree fruit and veg part of every meal.

    Double check you are using all your Healthy Extras and don't restrict yourself too much with Syns so that you have room to cut back a bit later on when you get nearer to target. You could add a small bag of crisps to your lunch or use them for ketchup/salad cream, for example.

    I could stick your your menu in the first flush of diet mode, but I wouldn't be able to keep to it for long and would fall off the wagon due to hunger and feeling deprived. Explore the site a bit - there are plenty of threads about lunch ideas if you use the search facility, and the recipes sections will give you ideas about how to make meals without having to use jars/packet sauces so that you can save the Syns in them towards other foods. Check out the food diaries, particularly those which have been going for a while, for ideas - I've always found them very inspirational. Perhaps you could start your own food diary - you'll get some cyber buddies to help you on your journey.

    Good luck.

    Your next message has just posted whilst I've been typing this. Some of that gain will be fluid retention, particularly if you were eating junk which tends to be salty. The beauty of SW is that eating a lot does not equate to weight gain, particularly if you eat lots of free food because it teaches you to fill up on low calorie food and keep the more calorific things as treats. It is best to take a leap and trust the plan - there is plenty of proof around that it works!
  8. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Its so disheartening when you gain, ive been there too but sw works when you stick to it! every part of the plan, which goes against your instinct sometimes, esp when it comes to eating syns.
    you use your hexs sometimes like 2 slices 400g loaf bread is fine, but if your are having skimmed milk as your hexa for example you need to be having the full allowance, or close to it, which is 350ml! Your all bran would be swimming ;-)
    also like thursday you have hexb but no hexa! both everyday :) hope this helps!x
  9. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    Definitely looks to me like you aren't eating enough.
    You say if you ate more, you will gain, like you did at the weekend, but that was junk food you ate...not SW food.
    A dinner/lunch of strawberries and an apple or a mugshot and an apple really isn't sufficient. Yes its ok as a one off if you are out and about etc, but everyday? You need to fuel your body with food especially as you are exercising too. More superfree foods too.

    On the plus side....well done on your great loss in a short space of time but don't get too hung up on losing the weight and neglecting your body of good food!
  10. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    PS About the HExs.

    You've used your B choice, but on Thursday, for example, there is no A choice? You could spinkle from grated cheese on your mince perhaps? On Tuesday you've used only part of the A choice - you could mash some more Laughing Cow into your baked potato and/or top the beans with some grated cheese. I assume you are measuring your HExs - I doubt that you would have a full HExA's worth of skim milk on your cereal. Do you use the balance in tea/coffee? You can split the HEx - half for milk and half for cheese.
  11. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    thank you so much for the replies ladies, i am going food shopping tonight to stock up on everything! its nice to know i will have extra milk to use with an options hot chocolate before bed :p
  12. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    Just to add also....how about making up a chicken/salmon salad for work and taking it in a cool bag? There are endless things you can pre prepare for work if you don't have any facilities there. I would be starving if I just ate fruit and a choc bar for dinner!
  13. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    i dont really struggle with the dinners, like i dont get too starving! but i will take all these ideas on board for a good loss and will post back :)

    another question, if i have bread twice a day - do i syn the second lot? xx

    i think i should be happier with my results because i never thought id be this weight when i started! but the closer i get, the more frustrating it is :sigh:
  14. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    Lol - you shouldn't get hungry at all on SW!

    You would have to Syn the second lot of bread, unless you can make your day into either a Red day or a Green day. If your example, you had bran flakes for breakfast, salmon sandwich for lunch and turkey mince for tea (no potato or pasta/rice), that would be a Red day - you could also have an extra HExA.
  15. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    thanks you're a star xx
  16. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    hey, thought i'd come back and update this after doing slimming world for a week...i have actually lost 4lb! feel so so chuffed!
  17. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    Well done!!
  18. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    thank you! x
  19. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    Well done :)

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  20. flossyxo

    flossyxo Full Member

    thank you hun :)

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