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Help please?


The Nerdy Singer
Today (thus) was 1st day of me replacing 1 shake with a 200 cal meal. I did well - sun dried tomato pizza with no sauce, real buffalo mozzarella, and on whole wheat crust with some field greens and no dressing (just pepper and a teeny bit of lemon juice) and a small cup of coffee in the evening.

But.... I got stranded at university overnight, and so I didn't eat either of my other 2 shakes for the day, and tomorrow I can have the 1 meal of 200 cals but don't have access to my soups until 7pm!

Did I just screw myself over and will it totally knock me out of ketosis?! Help, please - I'm so scared I'll go into starvation mode and start storing calories!!!
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The pizza would have knocked you out anyway wouldn't it? Are you doing SS+? Because on that you can have chicken/turkey, tuna, cottage cheese, white fish and green veggies from the book. You need to have 3 packets aswell else you wont be getting the goodness that you need.


The Nerdy Singer
That pizza might not have. It used whole wheat rather than white for crust, no sauce, and the cheese was real not processed, so lower in fat and higher in protein. Plus it was a smaller piece, not a huge honking slice of it.... :-\ I hope I'm not knocked out - that would suck. I'd have to start SS all over again and I don't think ppl. will let me without harassing me to eat at least 2 wks. 1st. this time.


Restart 3/9/2013
S: 24st9lb C: 18st1lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 6st8lb(26.67%)
Which plan are you following GT?

The pizza contains alots of carbs, even a small piece. dont think the type of flour changes the carb value a whole lot?
Are you ss+ hun??
If so you should have your 3 shakes and the 200cal meal.

Try and stick to chicken/ white fish and green veg.

Some people are more carb sensitive than others ( I cant even have a nibble of carb without me coming out of ketosis).
If you have come out of ketosis, drink loads of water and stick to the above and you will soon be back in ketosis.


Restart 3/9/2013
S: 24st9lb C: 18st1lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 6st8lb(26.67%)
Apparently whole wheat flour contains 72.6g of carb per 100g

White flour contains 73.2g of carb per 100g
My understanding is no wheat of any kind, no cheese and no lemon juice - all of these are not in the plan and will knock you out of ketosis!!! Also if you dont have 3rd shake this will slow down weightloss as body could go into starvation mode even if you are eating a meal as you wont be covering all the nutritional goodness you need.

On ss+ or 810 best to stick with Chicken/White fish & veg. Can still eat well with this.


Gone fishing
I think this is where it gets confusing. GTPeach is on the US Cambridge diet I believe, which is different to our own.

I'm not sure what is involved with extras on the US Cambridge. Do they have a list of what you can and can't eat?

I know you aren't allowed to SS for long. Two weeks I thought, but I would have also thought they would lay out what you can have, and would be surprised if it was pizza, wholewheat or otherwise.

There again, you may be doing the Success Diet, which is more like our own Cambridge???


The Nerdy Singer
I did SS without cheating even once for 5 whole weeks! I lost almost 30 lbs. and I lost 3 clothing sizes!

I'm terrified and confused of the 200 calorie meal thing. I had thought to replace one shake with a 200 calorie meal of green veggies and a white protein.

I'm testing for ketosis tonight and I'm really worried. :( The CD USA doesn't give us very much guidance. No CDCs, very few ppl. in the country doing it, and it doesn't really tell you how or what to eat!

If I've knocked out, how do I get back?! I don't think my friends will let me go back to SS for another week, but I might do and not tell them..... then restart the 200 cal thing. How do I do all this food stuff an still lose weight??

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