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help please

Hi all
Im in need of help,
I am so so struggling on ss at the moment and have been yo yoing for the past 6 weeks which is no good for me or my bank balance. Find ss so hard being a new ish mom ( 12 months old) and being on my own in the day . i dont mean i want to veg out all day at home , its just that every opportunity i have to socialise includes a coffee or something to eat. was thinking about changing to the 790 plan i know i still have to watch everything i have but think i might start to results once again. As everyone knows with failure comes depression and i dont want to go9 there. Has anyone successfully changed over. with what results .sorry for babbling but the little en wants to play with the keyboard now ahhhhhhh. any advice
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I have one lady who has changed over and her loss is nearly onpar with ss. If you go over to the 790 plan you can still socialise and have a coffee out with your friends as you can have black coffee with sweetners or use the half a pint milk allowance up to have it white. If you tend to be a picker during the day you could weigh out your allowance of food and have it in the firdge to pick at during the day.
I know how difficult it can be with children as i have 5 under the age of 9 but if you stick to the 790 plan you will have really good results.



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Well I started on 790 and am still going strong. On average I have had losses of 3lbs a week. I had to change my details below as a monthly loss as it was taking up to many characters in the signiture!!
For me its a routine thing, find it easy. Though mainly stick to chicken, I try fish and cottage cheese every now and then. Simply cover the chicken in various spices, heat, serve with steamed veg and eat. I enjoy it.
Having the milk is great as I can have tea!! Mind you when I started I didnt know I HAD to have the milk, now I use my half pint.
I do a lot of running around on my job, dont think I could do SS. 790 worked for me and still is. Whether in Ketosis or not, you WILL lose weight due to the Very Low amount of Calories.
Post again with any questions...happy to answer them to best my knowledge/experience!!


Thin People Only
by the way...the suggestion of preparing your food allowance and having it available to pick on all day is a good one, especially if you are a picker. :rolleyes:
Thanks , your losses are so good, i def need to change . will try 790. What sort of meals do you have. Also i mentioned 790 to my cd councellor and she said milk a def no no X
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Thanks , your losses are so good, i def need to change . will try 790. What sort of meals do you have. Also i mentioned 790 to my cd councellor and she said milk a def no no X

Half a pint of skimmed milk is allowed on 790plan. Get your CDC to look in the yellow book!


Have a serene day!!

Well done with your losses all ready, well over half way!!!!

I moved from the 1200 to 790 as it suits me that way.

I have a shake thickened with psyllium husks in the morning for brekkie. A shake for lunch at work, going to get Tetra Packs for that tonight, its easier that way.

Then in the evening I split my chicken or Turkey with Cottage Cheese and then have the veg or salad leaves with that. Am going to try the fish tonight poached in part of my milk allowance.

Good Luck, I lost 8lbs last week moving down the step and expect to lose between 2-3lbs a week after that.

Thanks again , heres to another go at it but going to try 790 plan ,just think i need to be able to sit with the family for dinner at night. Do you stay in ketosis when in 790 plan if you have skimmed milk xxx
I think maybe it depends on the person. My hubby and I are both doing 790 and we're both staying in ketosis. I know you're supposed to but I don't have my milk..sometimes I'll have low fat yoghurt which doesn't affect my ketosis. Hubby takes his milk in coffee or sometimes even just a glass of milk. I'm sure you'll love 790. It's really easy and I wish I'd done this years ago. Good Luck x


Thin People Only
Well I never had the milk for a long time and to be honest skimmed milk..........its just white water!! Whats the point! But I was told by CDC and by a CDC on here that it IS important to have the milk allowance. Also as you move up through the stages you will have it, so might as well get your weight loss used to it!
If you cant have milk you can replace with 250g natural low fat plain yoghurt, which I do on occasion.
Tea has not really affected weight loss/rather milk has not. I did think so initially but looking at loss overall...it hasnt.
Exercise did though!!! Slowed it down!!
Hmmm...Milk makes me feel sick... I'll try to have more yoghurt but I thought the CD packs were supposed to have all the nutrients you need?? or is it to do with balance of nutrients??

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