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help pls need sum info!!

S: 15st8lb C: 15st8lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 44 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey everyone, im stef 21 years old currently weighing 16stone, i am hoping to loose a good 6 stone.

I was on lipotrim earlier this year and lost 2 stone in 8 weeks but gave up and put it all back on! I have booked a holiday to turkey in june next year and am determined to loose this weight!

I'm thinking about trying CD instead of lipotrim again but wonder if you have any basic info for me??

How much is it a week?
Is it shakes, food etc?
Is it similiar to lipotrim?
Where do i get it from?
How much on average can u loose a week?

any other info u might have would be really great

thankyouuu x x x :)
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Hi Steph,

How much is it a week? about £37-40 depends on your CD counsellor
Is it shakes, food etc? shakes, soups, (bars in week 3) for sole source - other plans include convential food
Is it similiar to lipotrim? not sure never done lipotrim
Where do i get it from? Look on Cambridge website for your nearest counsellor
How much on average can u loose a week? sole source is a stone a month.... First time round I lost 6 stone in just over 5months

Good Luck


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Hi Stef!Bascially how it works is if you are on the 1st plan (it's called sole sorce - ss for short) You will have 3 shakes a day - these include shakes, soups, porridge and bars (on 3rd week onwards you can have bars) along with 2.5 litres water each day :) To get started google search the cambridge diet and the official website will come up. You can type in your postcode and find out where your nearest cambridge diet councellor lives. It alkso will have his/her contact details - then it's up to you to make that call. Now if your BMI is above 35 or you have a medical illness, which means you take tablets, the cambridge diet councellor will require you to have a form signed and stamped by your GP before you can begin. Prices vary between different people. On average, it will cost between £35 - £40 per week. Hope that helps x x x x
Hi Steph

Your weight loss will prob be about the same as on LT, looking at about 1 stone a month, so if you can stick to the diet you would have lost the six stones and be maintaining by the time you get on your hols to Turkey ;)

Its great to have a target to aim for.

Good luck with your journey

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It's BMI over 40 you need drs signature, not 35.


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Steph - good luck if you decide to try it. I started nearly two weeks ago and am finding it easy to stick to.


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Hi steph

I wasn't sure that lipotrim would be the best option for me as there seemed to be a limited range of flavours for soups, shakes and bars compared to Cambridge - not sure if this has changed but Cambridge offered me a better variety of tastes and favours. As a person that gets bored easily on diets, this swung it in favour of CD.
S: 12st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st9lb(5.17%)
Just thought it was worth mentioning that many people actually lose more than a stone a month in the beginning, although i suspect it evens out over time. And the support here on minis for cd followers is just fantastic. Good luck whatever you decide. xx

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