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help plz

hi guys problem is i did lipotrim for the 10th time 3 weeks ago stuck to it for 10 days lost 11.5lbs and i messed up big time due to eid celebrations on the 8th of december an after dat i have been eating for ten ppl lol and i cant stop eating ive already gained 8lbs back and now i really wanna start again to lose 20lbs by valentines can i do it starting weight was 12.5lbs an now im 12.1lbs so plz any advice:eek:
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im gonna do it!
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Hey sabrina! what can i say apart from i know exactly how u feel! I messed up on eid and keep startin and cheatin ever since. I was wishin sum1 would give me advice, but atleast I know im not the only 1!!! how much u payin for the lipotrim? £36? its alot of money isnt it to be throwin down the loo???? How about other diest where u can eat n still lose weight? see my weakness is chicken. Im surprised that im not munchin on biscuits, chocolate etc. Look, u have lost so much already, so just take 1 day at a time n dont beat urself up wen u do mess up. after all, we r human n its very very hard to keep off food x
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You have to be strong or it aint going to work. Decide to do it, and stick to it. No excuses, only one way it will work, and only one person can make it work, good luck, there is no miracle cure, weight goes on mouthfull by mouthfull, and it comes off the same way.

Its harsh, but true. be strong, be determined, stay focussed and do it. It will only work if you REALLY want it to!!


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Will Power is the only key!!! If you go in half hearted then u will fail. Its gotta be summat u really really want

Good Luck xx
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if you set your mind to it you can do it! i promised myself that i would not eat on eid and i didnt!... that was my personal little challenge and everyone told me i wouldnt be able to do it but i did!... you need to tell yourself that you can do this and then PROVE IT TO YOURSELF.. do it! you can definitely lose alot of weight by valentines day!... you really need to stick to this diet to see how amazing it is. surf this site and read some of the amazing success stories... its enough to make me not ever eat again!... this place has been such an amazing support centre for me, couldnt have gotten this far without the people here!...

stick to it girl, you will get there!!!!! if you start soon you can actually lose more than 20lbs by v day. i lost 32lbs altogether in 8 weeks (not even a full 8 week yet coz i've weighed early )


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When I'm tempted to eat, I set the timer for 15 mins and go do something. If I'm still hungry after 15 mins I have something little. 9 out of 10 times I end up distracted and forget about eating. This really works for me and I am someone who eats for the sake of eating. Don't beat yourself up. Pick yourself up, dust off and start again. You only fail when you give up. x
Hi Sabrina, I know exactly how you feel.. i chose to strt after Eid, But must admit im not a strong willed person, however wen i lost my first 5lb i felt so chuffed an i use that as my constant insipration, i have only lost 10lb in 2weeks 2date.. An i already can feel massive difference, my skin is so radient an if you think about it.. is it realy worth eatin after you have already endured so much?? NO, i didnt think so.
Try to keep bizi, i found if i have nothin to do i think of food!.. If all else fails logon an some one will inspire you, flic thru the foto galery an sit back an think wot your life could be.

Best wishes and gudluck hun. xx
thankz guyz for the advice im starting again onthe 10th jan well i can say ive gained 12lbs on im back to being 12st 5lbs i hate myself for giving up wen i did so well i jus wish i stick to it this time


Finally a size 12!
thankz guyz for the advice im starting again onthe 10th jan well i can say ive gained 12lbs on im back to being 12st 5lbs i hate myself for giving up wen i did so well i jus wish i stick to it this time

Snap! Im starting again hopefully Saturday. Good luck on the 12th xx
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Set your mind to do it and ya will succeed!! Remember why ya are doing this in the first place and dont let it beat ya!! Have a fresh start in the new year and we are with ya every step of the way, gud luck


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hey Sabrina, i am losing weight for ivf too.

Keep going so you can give it your best shot.

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