HELP! - Portion control - spag bol sauce weight??

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by stephiel, 1 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. stephiel

    stephiel New Member

    I know that one portion pasta should be approx 75g (dry weight). But I cant find anywhere that says how many g of sauce? (I know that the amount depends on the ingredients!... I make huge batches of spag bol etc myself and its quite healthy but I pile it on and have no Idea how much I should put on?) So Approx how many grams of e.g. spag bol sauce or chili should I put on my pasta?

    I know I can make my recipe and account for all ingredients and weigh it and work out cals but realistically I dont have time to do this every meal.. in general I just need a rough weight guide (or say half a cup??) of spag bol sauce.. that way when in a rush I can weigh the pasta and weigh the sauce and know that it is anot an excessive portion size!!
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  3. diviajar

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    Are you asking it for a specific diet? If not, I'd say half a cup. Enough to give it flavor.

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