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Help ! Question about hair colouring when on CD


finding my way again !
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i have been to have my hair done today, we allways planned something "different" when i got near goal.
My hairdresser is also my best friend, i trust her implicitly with my hair. She has been doing my hair for 5 years & so knows what she can & can't do to it. She tells me it has changed since i have been on CD, better condition etc. here's the problem, whilst going for something different, she dyed it copper with blond chunks in the front, only its not copper, its PINK !!!. the tube of colour has allready been used on someone else & came out as it was meant to on them, so it isn't the colourant & the only thing we can think of is it to do with CD.
has anyone else had this happen.
please all advice wanted, thanks
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nope....hair is dead.....I don't really think it can be the diet to be honest!!

It's prob about what you've had in your hair before or something to do with the dye.

I have no idea how copper goes to pink.....need to ask a hairdresser.

Did she not sort it?

Pink would be cool though....:D
Blimey Cheryl, pink hair that must have been a bit of a shock :eek: Hope your hairdresser can sort it out for you. I'd be surprised if it's the diet, can't see how it would affect your hair like that, but it does seem very odd. I'd ask Linda (CD Counsellor) for her expert opinion on the matter, I would think if anyone will know, she'll know.



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Have been dying my own hair for the last few months and it has come out perfect every time.

Just done a colour today, honey blonde:)

Found this on the internet

The first thing is what color was your hair to begin with? If it is platinum blonde depending on the color red you used it will almost always go pink. You want to stay away from vibrate or dark auburns these colors have violet as an under tone. Color is like science. You have to know the chemical break down of the color you are using to ensure you get the color you want. On platinum hair you want to use a brown red your hair is made up of the basic color chart red, blue, green, yellow and you have to put all of those colors back into the hair. So a brownish red has blue undertones that will counter act the violet that tends to go pink.
What to do when coloring your hair red turns it pink - Helium

Here is another person with pink here on the same site

What to do when coloring your hair red turns it pink - Helium

Hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
she will sort it for me if i don't like it, thing is i go away on thurs, her & the other 3 girls who were there at the time all think it looks cool !
unfortunatly i had to go to school so she couldn't do anything there n then, jury's out at the mo, i'll see what hubby says !!


Cambridge Counsellor
I have to admit I've coloured mine many times whilst dieting and it's never come out any different to how I expected. Although my hair is dark so it's difficult to colour anyway.

I haven't ever heard of hair colouring being affected by the diet though.


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
the wierd thing is its copper at the back & pink at the front.
Karen has been a hairdresser for 20 + years & really knows what she is doing & is compleately baffled.
to start with it was caramel colour with blond highlights, Karen would know what colour she could or couldn't put on, i've been all sorts of colours in the past & never had a problem


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Pink sounds nice:D i have just had my hair done and have a lot of grey to cover, been on the diet 11 weeks, not effect on my hair at all. hope you sort something out soon.

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