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HELP re eating food!

Hi all
I am going away this weekend down to London - there are a few of us going. We are all going for a meal Friday night and Saturday night. Not sure where we are going Friday night but suspect for a chinese. Saturday we are doing for an Indian. I have decided to have packs through the day and eat in the evenings. For the Indian I thought maybe chicken tikka starter (as a main) and share my OH's pilau rice - any thoughts/suggestions on what I could eat?
Thanks folks xxxx
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Hi I would stick to high protein chicken, fish, lean meats etc with salad or green veg if you can, maybe you could stay in ketos that way. oh and loads of water, not done it myself. If I'm wrong someone will give you the right advice good luck and have a great time:)
Thanks for those comments. I guess poppodoms and pickle tray along with a chapatti are out of the question then TUT xxxxx


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lol. its better to try to keep in ketosis as u will still be fat burning. i know its a real panic but its entirely up to you. good luck xxxx


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hi minnie,
I thought it was the weekend just gone, doh!, whatever you decide to eat, dont beat yourself up!, enjoy the weekend drink loads of water and get back on course when you back.

Agree with the above. Chinese is not great as contains quite a lot of sugar (hidden) try to get something like steamed fish, avoid cantonese or sweet and sour sauces, plus don't know if its on the agenda but I would avoid alcohol. Not just terms of carbs, but alcohol lowers your resolve and increases hunger and makes it easier to go totally off plan! I know it does with me. Enjoy your weekend though, its very satisfying to be in control around food and drink whilst in ketosis I've found! x
Avoiding carbs is definitely key (if you're going down the path of virtue!).

Indian - chicken tikka or any of those non-saucy grill type dishes will be best. I would think if you were going to go wild you could have literally a couple of spoons of plain boiled rice (no more than that though). Maybe dry vegetables?

Chinese - clearly avoid anything fried (sweet and sour and similar (yum)). Chop suey is pretty reasonable in the scale of things - lots of beansprouts and the sauce isn't too lard-laden. Or maybe barbecued pork (can't remember what it's called - char siu?)? And what about ordering a pak choi veg dish as a side?

I am now feeling very hungry!

Good luck!


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I would ask why you feel you need to eat at the meal as it isn't part of the LighterLife plan. You are paying £66 a week for complete nutrition and the opportunity to relearn your eating habits. I won't apologise for being a hardass, you are able to let your own adult make your decisions, but you signed up for complete abstinence and eating isn't (pardon the pun) on the menu.

If you want the truthful answer to this question, try asking your counsellor what you should eat.
Having broken abstinence and struggled to be 100% ever since I would agree with Sarah DON'T EAT it is just not worth it. Not only will it slow things down this week but potentially many weeks to follow - it's not easy getting back to complete abstinence. It is possible to sit in a Chinese restaurant and not eat or drink conventionally, I was faced with this 4 weeks into foundation when my Mum wanted to celebrate her 65th Birthday at our local restaurant. I took crisps made from soup pack and biscuits made from Fruit Bar and made them last throughout the meal it felt brilliant to be in control of what I wanted to do. I had a great time watching my family overindulging in both food and alcohol, and we all enjoyed ourselves on the dance floor.

There are a lot of threads on here relating to getting back to abstinence after eating during foundation and the majority of them say the same it just wasn't worth it. Sorry for going on but I do feel strongly about this and wish I had not done it, I would now be at least 7lbs closer to my target.:mad:

Good Luck with whatever you decide, cos only you know whats best for you.:)
I would just take my packs tbh, but if you are going to eat, these are your best low carb options
Tandoori chicken or king prawns
-chicken, lamb tikka
-spinach bhaji (the side dish, not the fried onion thing)
-cauliflower bhaji

Aubergine baji (the side dish)
sag paneer and Chicken Tikka or Shashlik

Any of the Omlettes with no/little Veg
Any foo young - same as above. Most places will do a "house" style which has loads of mixed meats. It is like a scramled omlette

Chop suey - although I would think this has about 10 carbs in it because of the sugar they add to the sauce

Dry Ribs/Salt and Chilli Ribs

Dry duck/chicken chinese style - comes on a bed of beanshoots
Salt and chilli king prawns (no batter)

I must say again though, i really wouldnt break your abstinance if i were you, it is so hard to get back on track


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