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Help! Sabotage!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Qua Sae, 22 February 2011 Social URL.

  1. Qua Sae

    Qua Sae Full Member

    As a lot of you know, I was fired recently for reasons I may never know.

    It's been over a week since that happened & although I am searching for jobs, nothing is coming of my applications so I am just sitting around a lot of the day &, surprise, surprise, eating... & eating & eating & eating!

    I was so happy to be 1kg away from my 10% goal & now I've gained 2kg in just a week & a half.

    I begin the day meaning well but by the time the evening comes, I want chocolates & sweets. I feel bloated & so disappointed with myself. I wish that I had the money to go to a group because I really need the support right now.. & someone to pick me out of this funk.

    I have been watching the scale go up & I'm so terrified that I will just gain it all back. Why am I doing this? & more importantly, how can I get it back under control?

    Please help. I am desperate. I feel as though I have lost all control in my life. :cry:
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  3. nibblynoush

    nibblynoush Full Member

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    Slimming World

    I lost my job in a similar way mid last year! It is tough hon but these things happen for a reason there will be something better round the corner!!

    Keep your chin up and keep looking! In regards to SW just keep a diary of everything that you eat, Go for long walks borrow a dog if needs be!!

    I have been in your shoes and it will get better, gain control of one part of your life and the rest will fall into place!

    Thinking of you!

  4. fillymum

    fillymum synful soul

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    Night time seems to be the hardest for most of us.

    Why not try and prepare for your evenings eating by preparing SW snacks to munch all through the night.

    I always recommend drinking an options drink because that fills me as well as killing a sweet craving.

    Another thing I do that is a great help for me is to slice an apple into segments, choose a favourite yogurt and use it as a dip for your apple slices.

    Have your HEX of cheese cubed and mixed with your favourite veggies, cucumber, celery etc and pick on these.

    Make a dip with *free* fromage frei by adding sweet chilli dipping sauce, just a tablespoonful is enough. Or Teriyaki or whatever takes your fancy. Slice peppers, celery cucumber and dip away.

    If you really want to stay on track you will.

    You have suffered a real trauma. Losing weight and sticking with SW could just be the bandage your *wound* needs.

    hugs xxxx
  5. Leapfrog

    Leapfrog Champion actifryer

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    I agree with all that's beeen said above. The key is "control". You can't change what happened, but you have a certain control over your future in seeking new work etc. You have FULL control over what you eat, so get your head in gear and regain control of your eating. You will feel so much better and the rest will fall into place with time. Sending hugs, as I know it's not easy.
  6. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate Gold Member

    Slimming World
    I found it hard when I was between jobs too. For me, I think the main reason was a lack of routine during the day, so boredom set in and I found myself grazing. In the end I found it easier to set myself a bit of a routine, job searching in the morning, a walk to the papershop at lunchtime (more for the exercise than the paper!), then household stuff in the afternoon, or watching a film guilt free as i'd already done my job searching, then preparing and cooking dinner. I found if I kept busy with little things then i was much less likely to graze.
  7. big bear

    big bear A bear on a mission!

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    slimming world
    I agree with what has been said above, prepare for the evening, that's when I find it hardest so I save my syns till then. Also go for a walk like suggested will make you feel better. If you live in a town a window shop, see if their are any noticeboards anywhere with jobs (maybe in the supermarket)

    What job are you looking for? Have you got all the good job sites? Maybe update your CV if needed, is there certain companies you'd be interested in working for? Maybe give them a call to see if there are any vacancies or look at their websites.

    I'm a firm believer in things do happen for a reason & there will be your dream job just around the corner X
  8. Devon Dolce

    Devon Dolce 1lb at a time!

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    Hello! I'm currently job-hunting - freelance but need something more permanent and the maternity role I covered ended at Xmas. I have to say I'm seeing this time as a bit of a luxury as I know in a couple of weeks, I'll be back to the 9-5 and kicking myself for not doing everything I could have done with my time.

    For example:
    The flat has never been tidier
    I'm reading all the books I want
    I'm on here catching up with all the lovely peeps - can't eat and type at the same time!
    I'm reading through all my SW recipes and books and preparing OH a delicious SW meal for when he gets home - think he's getting a little too used to it!
    I'm learning Italian - something I've done over the years, but no excuse at the moment that too tired in the evenings to do it.

    As Jenny says it's all about routine - I job hunt and write applications in the morning (I'm at my best workwise in the morning) and then after lunch I have a cup of tea, read my book or just potter and take myself out for a walk etc.

    This is a temporary situation, make the most of it, see all the positives to be gained from it and remember, everything happens for a reason xxx
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