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HELP!!! Someone stop me! FOOD TALK



I Can Do This!
Preeti - you don't NEED sweets. Step away from the bag RIGHT NOW!

Just one may not put you out of ketosis - but it may give you a sugar rush and cravings for more. Be on your guard. Lots of water to hand and occupation of the hands and mind well out of the reach of the bag :).
Step away from the sweets NOW!

Chances are it won't put you out of Keto, but it might have brought you into a milder state of it, don't worry too much though as you'll have no glycogen stores and so long as you don't eat anything else besides the packs you'll be back in full-keto in a very short time.

What made you eat the sweet though?
And why that sweet and not something else?
Hey all
Yes I stepped away! Phew - I have no idea how it happened. I have been abstinent for nearly 10 full days but this really cute guy was handing them out and offered me one and I had it! Earlier in the week someone offered a cookie and I took one, but gave it to a colleague instead. hmmm still wondering why it happened.
Thank you all sooooo much <<<<<<HUGS>>>>>>


I Can Do This!
Phew. Well done You. Now, you need to work out why it happened. And you need to practise the phrases 'No thank you' and 'Thanks, but no thanks' - over and over!

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