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help stubborn lbs wont shift

hi all
this is my first post so i apolgise if im doing it wrong
anyway i've been on slimming world on green and original. I didnt loose anything on extra easy. I have lost 1 and a half stone so far this last month i havent lost anything.
im getting married in march and would like to shift another stone.
I have always been big as a child and am not at the size i was when i met my fiance
to cut a long story short does anyone know how i can get out of this rut
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
If you are at a group, I would suggest having a chat with your Consultant Hun, there are ways that can shake things up for you, but should be discussed with your Consultant.
Do you keep a food diary?? Has your Consultant had a look over them?? If not, can I sugest that you keep a food diary on here in the food diary section so that we can have a look over and give you some tips. Also have a look at the other member food diaries for some ideas. This plan works, but if you are not varying the foods that you eat, then the weight loss will slow down.
Also remember to drink plenty of water to flush things through.
You have until March to loose another stone, so there isnt a lot of pressure and it will come off. If only we had a magic wand that we could wave and get to target over night eh??

Well done on your loss so far Hun.



Silver Member
Hi Sarah, first of all don't worry!! We all have these times when our bodies just won't give up the lbs even though we haven't changed anything!! I personally didn't lose anything in July either!

I'd suggest making sure you're accurately weighing your Healthy Extras, even though you're doing Red & Green trying to make 1/3 of your plate superfree and making sure you're having around 10 Syns a day.

Why don't you post up a food diary and we can all have a look through and maybe point you in the right direction?


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Oops, cross posted with Mrs V!!
Are you doing any body magic? You may be losing inches if you are. If not why not try and add some in? x
thanks for your help i have certainly been made very welcome. im not in a group i do it all online. i think i might do a food diary i have been doing exercise (only on ea active sports on the wii) nothing major. to be honest i stopped last week as i wasnt getting anywhere with it, i suppose these things take time.
also i have been eating the same things time to try something different.
is it ok to have 1 green day then 1 red day or have i got to have a whole week of each one??


Nojo on the YoYo
You know what always gives me a boost is having a week where I have no-syn soup for lunch!

3 large carrots
2 white onions
3 sticks celery
1 yellow pepper
1 veg stock cube, 1 chicken stock cube.

chop, boil til soft, then blitz. This should make a nice 4 bowlfuls.

Have it on a green day, make 1 HEB a dessertspoonful of tahini and blend half a can of chickpeas with tahini, lemon juice 1 garlic clove and water.

Make 1 HEB a bread roll or two slices of your favourite bread.

Have fruit and yogurt for breakfast

Soup and bread for lunch followed by a banana

Houmus with carrot and celery sticks for snacks

A nice huge green dinner like quorn chili and rice or bog.

Have 6 syns on something treaty like a curly wurly and use your milk on cups of tea. Swerve the cheese.

Eat like this for a few days each time you have a green day and watch the magic work!

Good luck! xx

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