Help...the frustration is killing me!!!


i had been SSing 100% for 8 weeks in which i lost nearly 3 stones...then on wednesday for some stupid reason i took a day off in which i ate alot..hence my 3lb added in the morning..i restarted straight away the next day but now 4 days into it i still havn't lost a pound even...surely the extra weight was glycogen??? the frustration is killing me now as im abt to go bezerk with my scales!!! help please!!!:mad::mad:
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Hi,please dont worry about it,I had a day off a couple of weeks ago,it was planned....I didnt really eat much more but had carbs as I was having a drink,I got on the scales the next day expecting the worst,had stayed the same,so I thought id got away with it,I got straight back on ss,weighed myself the next day and had put 2lb on it took me all week to shift it again,no cheating etc. and lost 2lbs that week...but this week I lost 5lbs.It will go,the point is if you do have a day off you have to remember because of the nature of the diet and the way in which it works,you have thrown your body out of synch and it takes a while to make up its mind to let go again.The best thing is just to forget it,try and ignore the scales and carry on doing ss you know it works good luck hun


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i agree with everything Julie has said, it takes a while, which is why they tell only to weigh ourselves once a week, not all the time like me,lol.
You will be totally fine, take care

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Great advice from Julie. The CD plan is so finely balanced that you can't toy with it and "expect" your body to respond afterwards in a certain way or to a certain timescale.

What's done is done, you only have two options now i.e. stick with CD or cheat/come off CD, only one of those options will get the weight off you regardless of what those scales say at the moment so ditch those scales! Good luck and don't let it get you down xx