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Help! TOTM Query

I was wondering if someone out there has had a similar experience or if anyone can provide some advice please?

Before starting LT, I was on the pill and didn't have a "TOTM" for a long long time. (Apparently this is quite common and nothing to worry about) However, 3 days after starting LT - it arrived. And along came all the associated pains. I'm starting to get concerned cos I still have the pains, bloatedness and its still here 6 days later. It usually only lasts for 4-5 days and the pains and bloat are gone after day 3, but its now 6 days since it started. Can anyone provide any explanation? Offer any advice? Have a similar experience? Is this ok?
Apologies to any males - but I'm really starting to get quite concerned.
Thanks for your help.:(
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hey, yes i had exactly the same thing when i was on tfr, i have the coil fitted and rarely had a period but once on tfr they came back and were lasting for days. if you type in totm on the search thread bit of the forum you will find lots of other threads with us women asking the same questions lol it is worrying until you know that it happens to almost everyone that does the diet. it is due to your hormones being all over the place, i came off tfr in august and now have a regular period which is weird but there you go. dont worry hun but if you do get too concerned about it just visit your gp to reassure yourself, no point in worrying yourself :) or you could give lipotrim a call, ask for val she is lovely 0800 413 735
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I was just about to come on and ask this same question as I dont get totm either due to the pill and have now just had my 1st in ages well at least that answers by bloated question


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Yes I believe this to be quite normal in many LTers
Hope it calms down soon for ya hun as they can make ya pretty miserable
Thanks Kilobel & Carebear. I have checked through other threads and it seems to be quite common - all to do with the hormones! My mind is now a lot easier - just hope it goes soon as it's hateful!
I was also wondering about this. I am usually very heavy for about 4 days, with 3 normal days. I started my period last Sunday and still on now, and still heavy. I too was getting quite concerned. Didnt think it would be lipotrim related as I only started lipotrim on Wednesday, but judging by whats already been said here, I suppose it is because of TFR.

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Yeah... LT can play havoc with our lady hormones unfortunately. I'm on Cerazette and usually don't get any symptoms of TOTM at all and suddenly after starting back on Thursday it sprung itself on me this morning. It's to do with the diet and is nowt to worry yourself about.

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Not sure. Last time around I'd only just switched to this particular pill so was a bit all over the place anyway. Pretty sure that after a few days it went away and didn't really come back though. However this obviously is just my experience to do with my screwy body clock and the pill I'm on.

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Your TOTM may stay a bit erratic whilst you're on TFR but it shouldn't be like you're constantly 'on' x
I cant blame the pill or anything, I blame being sterilised about 14 years ago, been heavy ever since, which I always moaned about now, but now its even worse (sighs)
I suppose its a small price to pay to have a beautiful slim body. Onwards and upwards girls and boys.
Sorry too to all the boys reading.

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Don't say sorry to the boys - if they're grossed out it's their own fault for reading a post with TOTM in the title lol

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