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Help...tummy ache/hunger pains week 5 and no loss :(


just wants to be slim
I'm a bit worried so could really do with some advice please. I've been on SS for 5 weeks and am moving up to SS+ on friday. I've lost 16lbs and have another 10 to go. It's been coming off ok until this week, I've actually put a pound on this week and its not the TOTM or anything which is unusual for me.

Also, I seem to be experiencing a bit of IBS, I had a bad tummy a few days ago, and then was constipated again. I'm also having a really gurlgy tummy, its growling and feels a little tender and I feel hungry all the time for the last few days. I've not felt hungry for the last few weeks so not sure where this hunger has come from. Also my 'movements' seem hot and acidy which makes me think I'm producing more stomach acid at the minute which is causing my tummy gurgling and hunger etc. Maybe I'm retaining water bcoz my body isn't happy at the minute?

I don't want to make myself ill so think maybe I should move up the plans quickly and get some food inside me and give this chance to calm down and not get worse.....and then maybe move back down the programme in time if I dont get the last 10lbs off. If I do the 800 can I replace 1 of the sachets with a meal, tuna salad or something, and also have the main meal, so I'm having 2 meals and 2 sachets as long as it is still 800 cals per day, just to try and get some solid food in me and reduce the tummy ache and acid. This wont affect my loss will it?

Has anyone else had anything similar?

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Give your CDC a ring and ask if you can move to SS+ (3 shakes and a small meal). I'm following this and having that small amount of food seems to stop my tummy from acting up. And I still have a good weight loss.
Good luck Hun.


just wants to be slim
Cheers, I think I might try eating some chicken tonight and see if that helps, my tummy doesn't feel happy at all but it's been absolutely fine til now and I've not been hungry at all.
shouldnt you be on AAM? (add a meal week for the new guys!)

i thought it was 4 weeks in hell, followed by a short trip to purgatory? then back on the hell diet? (come on guys! you know its not fun!)


just wants to be slim
I think some people recommend upping a step every 4 weeks for a week but I don't think it's essential. My CDC hasn't mentioned it. I think I might need to though coz something isn't right! I just went out to lunch with a friend and sat with a glass of water and watched him eat....my God what am I doing?! ha. I nicked 2 chunks of chicken off his plate and my tummy actually feels slightly better, I'm going to have a few slices later when I do the kids dinner, and tomorrow, and see if it helps.

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