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Help wanted!

Hello all
A newbie here, I started CD last Friday and first WI tomorrow - excited and scared. I am dreaming of carbs but not actually hungry. Have SS'd 100% since started! How tough is it??? :sigh:

Qn for you all if you dont mind - I have a family celebration sit down meal on Sunday and I have only order a starter (soup). My CDC really wants me to not eat, which I understand, but I would prefer to avoid the qns which complete no eating will create. Will a soup knock me out of SSing?

Thanks for any help and love this site, it has kept me going in the evenings and now I am registered, I hope to get more involved and join in the support.

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Hi Nicky from a fellow newbie.........

Congrats on sticking to SS 100% and good luck for your WI tomorrow! Not that you'll need it at all, as I'm sure you will report back with a wonderful weight loss!

Whatever advice you are given here will be obviously good advice, so all I will say is whatever you decide to do, have a truly lovely time on Sunday!

Hi Nikki

I'm afraid the soup will knock you out of ketosis. It's very easy to get out of ketosis if you eat anything at all apart from what's included in the diet. Good luck though!
Some people can be knocked out of ketosis easier that others. personally i would not have the soup, if everyone knows your doing the diet then you dont have to worry about what people will say on the other hand you could get it and eats 2/3 spoonfulls. or pretend your sick?
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Welcome Nikki and well done on getting to the end of your first week. It does get easier I promise! I'm afraid I'm with your CDC on the eating and if you can possibly avoid it I would, it can be so difficult to get back to SSing once you eat and there will be other meals at the end of your journey.

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow!

Hello all
A newbie here, I started CD last Friday and first WI tomorrow - excited and scared. I am dreaming of carbs but not actually hungry. Have SS'd 100% since started! How tough is it??? :sigh:
I dreamed about food in my wk 2 for a few nights - it stopped though, thank goodness :)
good luck with your weigh in. If i was u i wouldn't have the soup as it might make you feel like you want to eat more. but do what u feel is right for urself. xx kim xx
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as others have said the soup may be a bad idea but why font you try an AAM like chicken/fish with veg, that then should hopefully keep you in ketosis and not do too much damage-if you are still worried you could ring in advance to where you are going and pre order something so it is cooked in way which wont be bad for you on this diet

good luck and have fun x
My advice would be don't eat, it's a family meal so they should all be behind you 100% mine sat and watched me eat only my aamw over christmas (lucky timing). Take your books then if they doubt the diet they can read it themselves. There's always something happening like an occastion or celebration so start as you mean to go on, you're doing this for you, if you were at home would you have soup???? GO girl, xx
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firstly well done on getting through the first few hard days on SS. Hopefully your WI on Friday will show you just how good this diet is and prevent you from eating on Sunday.
As the others have said, eating the soup will more than likely bring you out of ketosis. Also, if you do eat the soup and manage to "get away with it" and stay in ketosis - it can tempt you to start nibbling small amounts of food during the diet which will slow down yrou weight loss.

Would the restaurant make your soup for you and serve it to you with the other meals so that you dont feel out of place? Otherwise, can you avoid going and pretend you are ill?

Good luck with whatever you decide and make sure you let us know how your WI goes on Friday. xx
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If you decide to eat the soup do drink lots of water try to flush it out.

I think like everyone else that it would be wise to try to avoid eating it.
Take a sip and if anyone says anything about you not eating it just say you don't like it,or would someone eat it on the sly for you.Make sure you have a pack before you go to stop temptation.
It is only one meal-also how hard did you find your first 3 days?If you found it very difficult getting into Ketosis do you really want to go through it again.

Saying all this after a great WI You will find it hard to eat the soup.Great weight losses are very addictive!!!


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I went out for a meal with my inlaws last weekend. I didnt mention my diet and ordered the cheapest things on the menu then just messed about with it on my plate. Ate none and they didnt notice. My husband knew, thought it was an odd decision but supported me in it. It was expensive and a waste.... but THIS time i am doing it 100%!
Over the past few weeks whilst I have been on my diet. I have driven to any do's we have been to. My dad wants to repay me by 'taking me for a meal????

What I have told him is, there is no reason why he can't take the rest of my family out and whilst they eat, I will take the dog for a walk and join them for drinks (water) afterwards.

It's very difficult and hard for people to understand, but there is always a way around it...The family aren't moaning when I am driving them to functions and back!
Hi all

Thanks to you all for your advice and support, I really appreciate it! I have been lurking on this site (like many others) but getting involved and getting personal messages really helps! :):)

I had my WI and have lost 8 lbs, which I am happy with and think you are right, it is the incentive I need to ignore the soup and keep on SSing!!!

You are all so amazing how you stick to it and stay so positive! Good luck to all with your own WIs!

Congratulations Nikki, that's brilliant :D :party0011:

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