HELP! What would you do?


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OK then, some advice needed. I have two delightful sons who are both extremely trustworthy and mature - they are 15 and 20.

Hubs wanted to take me away for 3 nights at the end of the month and the boys were going to stay home with the dogs.

Eldest has now announced that he's going away to a festival and to london with his mates then so he can't stay home with his brother :mad:

Youngest is now moaning because I said that he'll have to come with us and my mate will look after the furry babies.

He really doesn't want to come and is going to give me hell over this but i don't really feel happy about leaving him home alone.

I trust him implicitly, that's not the problem - I just don't think he's old enough. He's 16 in January. What would you do, bearing in mind that we will be about a 3 hour drive away?
My mum and dad used to leave me at 15 and I never got into too much trouble but only you know your own son though :)
Hmmm I do trust him Chicken, I just worry in case anything happens to him and we are away - I think it's the Mummy guilt thing :rolleyes:
LMAO yep think you've got it in one :rolleyes: I don't treat him or think of him as a baby but I think deep down I must be more protective as he is my baby :rolleyes:

I have just paid for a ticket for him to go and see Cardiff play West Brom at footie tomorrow night though and Cardiff FC fans aren't exactly renowned for their good behaviour!

Eldest has just said to me 'I can't pop in to see Grandma now, if she knows you're letting me take him to the footie she'll have 40 fits, she's always going on about the Cardiff fans :rolleyes: :D '

Oops, granny will have 40 fits next time we speak then
oh well, what's new hahahaha
Well Hello brightness :D

Oooh what a dilema you have there...

How about if one of his friends came and stayed with him, or he went to stay at their house for the few days?? Or ask your Mate who was going to pop in to feed the doggies to pop in and check on him, (obv without him realizing!) coz he may not be overly keen on that idea! Or maybe grandma could help out??

Will your older son be away for the whole time that you are away???

Hope you sort something out that you're all happy with :)


Hi Geri,

Thanks for that. My mate who is looking after the dogs lives in Swindon so it's not just around the corner - I'm dropping the dogs off the day before.

Eldest will be away for the whole time (we're only going for 3 nights/4 days) . Tbh, there is no way that I would trust any of youngest's mates to come and stay. They are all a bit wilder than either of my two have ever been. Mine are far from angles but they've never given me any trouble and I know that youngest wouldn't go throwing any parties or anything - if his mates were here, they would :mad:

I'm going to speak to my mate who lives just down the road and see if she'll keep an eye on him for me. I am getting a bit fed up of the sulking :rolleyes: :D
hey Brightness - I know that you trust your boy and I would too but I think the danger comes if his mates do find out about him having the house to himself.

I know that when I was his age and my parents left me for a weekend, I had 4 friends round for the evening. Alas, those friends had told the entire school and I had hundreds of gatecrashers who completely wrecked the house. The police were called - kids were taken to hospital with alcoholic poisoning - I just was helpless!!!

I got into such trouble - there was even an inquiry at school - and the drama of it all stayed with me for years!!!!!

With my daughters, I just wouldn't risk it tbh! Soz if that's not what you want to hear lol.
too young

Hello Donna,

I do sympathise with your problem and as a mother of 4 now adult kids, I wouldn't leave him totally alone, he is too young for the responsibility and Isobel is right, peers have a massive influence at that age and he could be coerced into doing something he is not happy with.
You can't bring him or he will sulk the whole time and spoil the break, so the ideal solution is that somebody mature stays with him, could he go and stay with his Gran?
Your mate and neighbour could work and I wouldn't worry too much about him thinking you don't trust him, explain to him that it is not just about trusting him, it involves all his freinds as well and you need to go away feeling reasonably happy or it will be no good for you.
And you do know it is not just your problem, what does hubby think?
Love Matty
Thanks girls,

Hubby feels the same way but we all know the power a sulking teenager has, don't we? :rolleyes:

There's no way he would go and stay with Grandma :eek: It'd be a real punishment for him - he'd much prefer to come along but as I've already said he's sulking about that!

I think that unless one of his mate's mothers says he can stay with them then he'll be coming with us....

Wait for the sulks..................:D
I have a son who will be 15 in September and although he's very trustworthy I wouldn't feel comfortable in letting him stay alone for a weekend. I would worry in case of an emergancy. I'm a natural born worrier lol.
Could you perhaps have a bit of a compromise? Maybe ask a trusted family member or friend stay with your son and animals. It might put your mind at rest? Other than that try and find out if any of his mates mums could let him stay with them!
Good luck and I hope you get it sorted out, it would be a shame to miss out on a little trip away with your hubby!
Thanks Tracey, glad it's not just us who are worriers!

I think he's going to end up coming with us - i might ask hubs if we can invite one of his mates along too - that might solve the problem :)
I think that is a great idea, then the kids can occupy themselves and you and hubby can have some quality time together!
Have a wonderfull time!