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Help - What's Gone Wrong!


I am doing this online and not going to meetings and I have been losing steadily for the first 3 weeks losing ½ stone. Last week however I stayed the same.

After going out for a very important birthday meal last Friday I was a bit anxious to check I hadn’t put any weight on so I weighed myself Monday morning (bearing in mind my weigh in day is Wednesday) and found to my relief it showed a loss of 1lb. I was so relived after the Italian meal I had had.

Imagine my surprise this morning (just 2 days later) when I got on the scales for my usual weigh in and found I have put 4lb ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just cant understand it - that is a massive amount to put on in two days when I have stuck to the plan religiously all week apart from the mentioned meal out.

What has happened??? :confused:
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A determined Bear
How off plan did you go? It takes about 3000 extra calories to put 1lb on, and I imagine it was unlikely you would have had 12,000 extra to put 4lb on!
If the Italian meal you had was the only one that was off plan, I imagine the 4lb gain can't be just that one meal. Have you looked at your food diary? Just check there aren't little things sneaking in, make sure you're having 1/3 superfree (are you on EE?) and that you are having the right amount of healthy extras. You might surprise yourself. I'm not criticizing you, just saying you should cover all options if you feel the gain is unexpected.
Another option could be that it is water weight- are you on/due on your star week? That can make a difference for some people. It might be the case that the meal you had out caused water retention, particularly if it was very salty...

And as a final check, go to your scales, turn them on, let them zero and turn off. Then step on again. This sort of resets them, and it is the only way I can get an accurate reading with mine!

Let me know how you get on :) xxx
Thanks Clairebear - I dont think I did anything else wrong. I do feel a bit bloated yesterday and today and dont know why that would be and I do have another meal out on Sunday with family that are coming over from abroad so cant really miss it. So I imagine I wont have a very good week this week as well. Just feeling a bit disheartened. Will keep going tho!!


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You'll probably find that it will catch up with you if you keep at it.
Just enjoy your meal with your family and you'll do great :)
Up your fluid intake, eat foods you know will make you 'go' and don't stress I don't reckon that's a true gain!

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