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Help! Whether to continue with LL...

I need your opinions - please! I'm very confused.

I did lighter life for 16 days, lost just over a stone. I felt fine for the first two weeks, but for the last few days I felt awful, weak, dizzy, permanently hungry. So I fell off the wagon (quite gently - healthy eating and exercise!). I've been off for about 5 days, and I've put 3lbs back on - that's all, which I'm really pleased about because that must be glycogen, and I still feel much better about my body.

For the last five days I've been following the Food Doctor detox - healthy low GI eating, small portions - and doing lots of exercise, which I enjoy. But tonight is my lighter life meeting and I enjoy the camaraderie and until day 14 or so I really enjoyed the diet and the sense of wellbeing. I can always do food doctor after I've lost the weight...but then again, maybe I should just stick with healthy eating now and lose the weight more slowly (although of course, then I run the risk of getting bored / sliding back into bad habits).

Help! What do you think about going back to LL to lose another stone, then coming off for another week to maintain / back for the last stone? Or am I just being silly?

Is there any way to stop me feeling so awful? I did LL before and stopped at around the 12 day mark with the same problem. Any ideas why this might be?

Your opinions and wise knowledge would be very much appreciated!
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What other diets have you tried in the past?
For me LL is a last resort when all else has failed. I know what to eat to lose weight and i know what makes me fat. The problem i have is being able to STOP myself from eating these foods!
I definately am an EMOTIONAL eater.
You say that even after 2 weeks you where constantly hungry. Whilst in ketosis it is impossible to be physically hungry..........the hungers you felt where emotional hungers. The councilling is the most important part of LL in my opinion. Taking food out of the equasion helps you to establish why you feel the need to eat.
How much weight do you want to lose? It needs to be 3stone or more for lighterlife. As far as doing the plan to lose a stone then healthy eating, i would definately not reccommend it! I lost 3 stone thought i could lose the rest MY WAY. WRONG! I think staying with the programme into management is important and thats why im going to do it this time round. As far as feeling dizzy etc, i can comment on that as havent experienced it. But be honest with yourself, can you trust yourself to eat conventional food and not go off the rails completely? If you can the try WW or SW as they are good too (slower weightloss) but you need to decide whats best for you. LL is best for ME

Good luck whatever you decide


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Hey TT - so sorry that you have had a hard time.
LL (and the other VLCD's) are probably the quickest way on earth to safely lose a lot of weight rapidly. Ther prob;ems you have had are probably temporary and are nothing in comparison to the problems lying in weight/wasit for you if you do not lose the weight. ( don't mean to scare you but it is far better to be light and healthy than fat and unhealthy and your quality of life will improve too).

You should not feel unwell on LL (at least not very often) so maybe you have a bug or an underlying problem. I'd see your doctor if I was you.

Good Luck!


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I was just quoting what my LLC always told me, she said it was IMPOSSIBLE to feel physical hunger on LL whilst in ketosis............oh well, maybe she was wrong. I always put any hunger pangs down to emotional hunger??
I feel hunger on CD - but I put it down to either not enough water, or my body's telling me to have another pack if it's nearly mealtime.
I was just quoting what my LLC always told me, she said it was IMPOSSIBLE to feel physical hunger on LL whilst in ketosis............oh well, maybe she was wrong. I always put any hunger pangs down to emotional hunger??
More often then not, I believe you are correct - but impossible may be just too strong a word - I suppose there are times you feel real hunger, but not very often. I think I have only felt real hunger a small handful of time, if even that. So 99% of the feelings I have had can be chalked up to emotional hunger. :)
i started to feel dizzy and light head at approx week 8 of foundation and went to the doctor, he advised i probably had a virus and because of the VLCD i was on my body was struggling to fight it. it did pass after a while. However it may be worth getting your blood pressure checked as well as these can be symptoms of problems with that.

hope everything goes ok with what ever plan you decide to follow



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Just wondering if you've been drinking enough water while on LL? I find that if I don't drink enough water - watermill style, not all in one go - I feel dizzy and shaky on a VLCD. As the others have said, sometimes hunger is nothing other than thirst. Often I have a mug of savoury drink at those times - it keeps me going for a good while!