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Extra Easy HELP!! Why am i putting weight on?

I have been doing EE for the past couple of weeks and both weeks i have put on a pound.
I dont understand it! I have been more active, probably walked around 30 miles a week (i know they say muscle weighs more than fat, but surely not that much more.) I've been having 10 to 15 syns a day, i've weighed myself at the same boots scales, I thought i was doing everything right.
What is going on?
x :confused:
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So for example yesterday i had scrambled egg and salmon, (no milk) for breakfast, Mullerlight for break, jacket potato and spagetti with half HE cheese portion for lunch and chicken casserole with carrots, mushrooms, onions, brocolli and other half of HE cheese for dinner. my syns were gravy and a curlywurly.
were is your Healthy extra B hon? i cant see it (correct me if im being bliiiind!) are you eating any fruit at all and how much water do you usually intake? did you have any salad or veggies with your jacket p?? if not, beans are super free so would have been better with you JP than spaghett :)

the exercise might be holding things up, it does for me xxx
Didn't have a HEB yesterday, usually have 3 slices of ww brown danish bread. Not a great lover of fruit, sometimes have an apple a day, so try and have extra veg where i can, does this make a difference?
No salad or veg with my potato as only have half hour lunch break at work and have to queue for microwave, lol.
Sometimes when i get in from work which is my binge time i have a tin of baked beans but for some strange reason i dont really like them on a jacket pot.
Normally at work i might sneak in a cuppa, with skimmed milk or just have boiled water.
Its strange but i think my clothes feel looser, maybe its in my mind, just so disheartening when the scales dont add up.
you ought to get exploring with fruit, i barely touched it before sw because i didnt perticuarly like the fruit, however now i am a hardcore pinapple lover (never thought that would happen) strawbs and even watermelon! that got some taking used too but dropped 3lbs the first week i ate a whole one over a few days and fell in love haha

deffinatly need more free food.. get munching on some carrot sticks in the que!!

id start changing the bread to 2 alpens or a kellogs fibre plus. i dont lose weight easily when i eat bread xx
sorry to butt in but im being told to eat more superfree veg and fruit too. I have a steamed bag of veg each night with dinner and a lot of fruit through the day (strawberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries apples etc). What fruits are superfree? xx
Hi bubbles
Just looking in my EE booklet and it says that
lemons and limes
will all super-speed your weightloss!
if you can stomach it bubbles, i find buying frozen forest fruits, defrosting a handful and having it 2/3 times a day with atleast 2ltrs of water a day really boosts my losses.

spuds, if EE isnt working for you try green/red xxx
i totally agree.

Are you going to group? if so, by keeping your food diarys, your consultant can exercise the money back garentee if you can prove youv followed it 100% and havnt lost weight.

Im not really sure why its not happening for you.. other than what iv already mentioned but i dont think what your doing should have warrented a gain.

Have you tried making your own soup and taking it into work in a flask - no queuing at the microwave and flexibility when to eat it eg as a snack instead of for lunch? Lots of good recipes in the SW mags.
I'm trying to do it on my own. Going to groups is so expensive, think i would have stopped if i had weighed in at group these past too weeks anyway. I have all the books and stuff and get the SW magazine each month for ideas etc.
Hi Maid.
When i was on WW i was always taking soup to work and maybe now that the weather is getting colder i could start doing it again, got a bit boring after a while though, think i need to experiment more with different veg.
mm strawbbbbsss!

frozen fruits are far cheaper than fresh, and if you let them defrost slightly enough to put into portions you can just quickly whip outr a bag from freezer and itl defrost whilst you cook and each your lunch or take it out night before,put in fridge and let slowly defrost over night for work.

spuds, soup is boring, get some pasta and ham in there and make it like a minestrone soup, extra filling and texture is a tiddle bit more interesting!

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