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Help - why can't I diet!


I am new to the forum - I was surfing the internet and found this site.

I am 34 years old and weigh 15 st 7lbs. I have been overweight all my life. I think I joined my first slimming club when I was 12. Up until a couple of years ago I managed to maintain my weight at just under 13 stone. However, life happened and food was a good comfort!

I have done every diet in the book and succeeded for a while and then fall of the wagon and convince myself that I am happy the way I am - which clearly I am not!

The last diet I did was WW - in fact I have followed the WW diet a number of times and had some success but not huge. I currently go to a trainer for 1 to 1 finess sessions every week and have been for 18 months. I am very fit now but have actually put on more weight :cry:

I know I want to lose the weight but I want to try and do it sensibly - I don't want quick fixes because I know the weight will go back on. I just want to lose about 2 stone as I feel happy at around that weight.

I am very lucky as my husband is fab and loves me just the way I am - but I need to do this for myself!

Does anyone have any tips on how I can motivate myself to lose weight and also any good diet suggestions. I am a bit of a picky eater and don't fish or vegetables although I do like salads (with all the salad dressing and croutons of course!!)

Any help would be great. All my friends are very slim and don't really understand being overweight!!
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Hi welcome to the forum. Have you tried Slimming World? It's the only thing that has ever worked for me x

Thanks for your reply. I have tried Slimming World and did alright on it before. However, I need to work on my motivation! When I wake up in the morning I am convinced that I going to be good that day and not each much and avoid the wine in the evening - but as the day goes on I convince myself that I look alright the way I am and that another day off won't make a difference!


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If you're looking for a different perspective on things... I tried Paul McKenna's 'I can make you thin' and thought it was great for making the whole process of losing weight seem more positive and less restrictive. It is one of those things, like marmite, that you'll either love or loathe, but it might be worth a try?
Thanks for your reply. I did listen to the Paul McKenna CD once but could do with going back to it. I do full agree with what he says about the food - it is about re-educating yourself about when you are hungry and when you are full. I have never been good at recognising the full one but pretty good at the hungry one!


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Well I wish you luck with whatever you choose to follow!

I think it has to be the right time, and you need to be in the right frame of mind. I have found this with all sorts of things over the years, sometimes things just fall into place, it works, it seems easy for once.
I struggled to give up smoking several times before the final time I decided to give up, and just did! Didn't miss it, wondered why I'd done it for 10 years!
When I lost the bulk of my weight it seemed easy, I've just had trouble keeping the last stone or so off long term. I think it's as there isn't as much glory in losing 14lbs compared to 7st!!

Thanks for your message - and well done on a fantastic weight loss. You are a real inspriation to people. Hopefully some of your motivation will rub off!

Thanks again
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Do you have a reason that you can use as motivation, for example a holiday or an outfit to slim back into. If not, can you promise yourself something, a treat for when you lose weight, you can do it in stages, so say you lose a stone you go for an evening out to the Theatre, or have a weekend away or a Spa Day, something that really appeals to you that you wouldn't normally do, so it's a real treat. It'll give you something to focus on and to aim for.

I guess also, finding the right diet is the key, there are so many diets out there and it can be a right old slog to find the one that works for you. I did Cambridge a couple of years ago and that worked wonders for me, lost 4 stone but I've put some back on and can't seem to get back into it, but I still think it's a fab diet as you get results fast. I'm now doing the Diet Chef, where you get all your food calorie counted and sent directly to you, you just heat it up, it's lovely food, and being low GI you're not hungry on the diet and all the hard work is done for you. I've only just started so can't say how successful it is (for me) but am loving the food and not having to think about it is great.

All the best x
Yes - I know the right frame of mind is the key. I have had a good look on the site today and found loads of inspiration so am feeling a bit more positive. I need to make myself feel that being on a diet is not some sort of punishment and that it can be enjoyable!! So anyone out there who is enjoying their diet and don't feel like they are being denied please let me know!

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