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Help, why do I keep feeling really nauseas??

Try going for a walk before dinner, see if it changes. Protein takes a long time to digest and it's hard work. You may not feel as full as just after you stopped eating but your stomach won't be done yet.

Did you see your GP before going on this diet? If not, may I suggest you make an appointment with him/ her. Take the book along, not all GPs have heard of this diet.
You might just have some sort of bug but you should make sure that you are well monitored while doing any diet. Make sure you drink a lot of water (if it will stay down) and get your other half (I'm just making assumptions here) nips to your good old 24-hour supermarket and picks up a box of electrolyte mix (should be able to pick it up on the aisle in the drugs section).

Thanks locket,
It's bizarre but I have felt sick since I started....everyday when I eat it starts. I usually do my walk prior to eating but tonight time did not allow, but I have now been ill twice tonight so am lying on my bed. Thanks for the medicine tip, although hubby is more concerned about the bulk purchase of salmon I bought today that I have just declared will never pass my lips again, so in true male style is muttering about cost.... :eek:

I didn't see my doctor, but i work in the medical arena so know I am in good health generally and have in the past undertaken the Cambridge diet which is extreme without any problems.
I will see what tomorrow morning brings.
Sorry Dolly but not to be funny, I too am a medical professional and really cannot urge you enuf to get the all clear from your GP, especially now.
Your husband will quickly forget about the price of salmon when you are bouncing around the house with joy.

You poor thing! Seconding what others have said put a pause on the diet. This isn't the time to be challenging yourself or your tum with a radicallt new way of eating!

Get well, let us know how you are.
Thanks for all the advice and kind words.

Locket: I think we are worse due to our profession, I am great with others but myself I self diagnose and never want to be " the worried well"!

I am devastated though, having done so well I really didn't want to have to pause or stop but I do agree it just isn't worth making myself ill or exaggerating something that may be underlying in my system.

I am in London today ( I travel all over the South East ) so am not able to get to my GP until Monday due to existing appointments. What do you suggest until then? I was thinking of following the weight watchers as I do not want to undo the great work started .

Again huge thanks to all and if you don't mind I shall stay on this forum as I think I'm addicted to the great people and advice..:D

A very deflated Dolly x
You're right, Dolly, our jobs make us the worst patients (I have "retired" from my job to spend full-time with my daughter). I have a dodgy hip and it took me 6 years to get it diagnosed!!!!!!
Until you see your GP eat a traditional balanced diet, stay off rich food (even the salmon could be too rich, though I bet you won't be having any of that soon), eat fresh veggies (stick to the low carb ones if you must) and drink loads of water.
Stick to this forum, it is great on here, and start again when you've been given the all-clear. Till then you can pick up tips and jot down recipes, that way you'll be super-duper prepared when you start again.

OH sorry to hear that Dolly. I hope you get better soon and don't worry about dieting... just get well.:hug99:

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