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Hello :)

I have the SW Desserts book and recipes call for 'low fat spread'......after trawling every supermarket near me I can't find a 'low fat spread' that is suitable for baking other than Clover Light - which I think is also made with butter.

Does anyone make cakes and can they help me ? I don't know how to syn the Clover, I presume I can use the syn calculator though.

What does everyone else use and can you recommend any good cakes or cookies?

I am thinking of cupcake types to pop in my lunchbox for work, sometimes it's hard when everyone is tucking into donuts and cookies !

One of the girls made the carrott cake yesterday which was fab but I haven't got all the ingredients to hand, but was thinking there may be some kind of sponge receipe I could make into little buns !

Any help appreciated !
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according to the wee green book.

Margarine/spread per 28grams

Full fat 10.5 syns
Low fat 5.5 syns
very low fat 3.5 syns

Tesco Sunflower Light Enriched Spread (500g) in Tesco | mySupermarket

That seems to be the lowest calorie one I can see, and that's 5 syns on all plans per 28g, its the same as Flora Light. Asda's own Light Sunflower is also 28g for 5 syns.

I think that's going to be the lowest you get I'm afraid.

Be careful going for the lowest cal one though, as not all are suitable for baking with. I know from memory that Flora Extra light isn't suitable for baking as its full of gelatine to make it solid.


I'm really sorry - I've just realised that I didn't answer your original question at all

Clover lighter is 6.5syns per 28grams

So say your recipe called for 150grams of spread and makes 8 cakes

(150/28)*6.5 = 34.82 syns. divide that by 8 cakes and you get 4.5 syns per cake value for the spread.

There was a recipe in the comfort foods book with the magazine that had cookies for 2.5syns each. If I find it later I'll post it up.

Alternatively Brit Mums Squidgy choc cake is only 3 syns a slice, topped with yoghurt.

Thanks Lexie ! That's a great help !
Oh sqidgy cake...now that sounds good, I will go and have a look for that !
If you do come accross the cookie recipe I would be most grateful !
Lexie, I thought I recognised you ! You used to do CD as well :) I lost 51lbs then put almost all back on in a year ! So SW is all new to me, I see you are doing well on SW ! Did you gain ? I was mortified, lost it all and then the pounds kept creeping on, didn't learn anything about food ! Just gorged afterwards !


To be honest if I'd completed or even started the maintenance program it would have been fine. Completely my own fault. When I stopped I ate WORSE than I did before I went on CD. Went up to 16 stone (but I mean I really ate like there was no tomorrow at times). Then when I tried to restart the doc discovered I had a massive vitamin D deficiency so until my doc signs that off I couldn't go back on.

However my doc doesn't want me to go back on it as its not "teaching me healthy eating long term", despite me explaining that it would if I did the programme. But as she's going to probably refer me for fertility treatment she said she would rather that she referred me on the basis of making "extraordinary measures with my weight through healthy eating programme like I'm doing, than anything else, and they would be more likely to accept the referral on that basis". So I could get signed off privately, but to be honest based on the fact that my fertility referrals riding on it, I'd rather not.

So as an alternative I'm on SW, and in 2 months have lost 3lbs shy of 2 stone, so the weight loss for the moment is comparable so far barring the big first week loss you get on CD.

Doc's happy, I'm happy and we're trucking along nicely.


Oh and to save the temptation of baking, what about popping a Hi-Fi bar into your lunchbox for 6 syns, or count it as your HEB?

Alternatively Alpen light bars are only 3.5 syns each, and the choccie ones are fab? Good for a pre-wrapped quick fix if there's no baking?
Ah Lexie, I am sorry you put on, but I can relate ! I did some maintenance but really hadn't learnt very much at all about how to control my eating, how to choose the best options etc and I just felt like a failure. But now I am doing SW I feel more in control again. Your losses are fantastic, gives me something to aim for knowing you know how I feel about it all.

Fingers crossed for the fertility treatment, I think the doctor is probably right, vlcd work for some but for me personally I think that my head hadn't caught up with my body and every pound I added made me depressed. I ended up binging and purging for 3 months which was so bad for me as I was scared of food.....vicious circle.

Sending you hugs and thanks for the advice about the bars, I bought some last week and totally forgot they are in my cupboard ! x

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