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Help with daily syns?

Sorry been asking lots of questions just all these things keep popping in my head!

Do you have to eat all your syns? My c told me I was allowed 20 a day but to aim for 15. But just wondered if one week I only averaged 5 a day that would still be ok? Bit confused how they work. Sorry if I'm being silly here, it's just so different from ww where I have come from!
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No you don't need to have all your syns each day. But if you don't have any you will find your losses won't be any better than if you'd had all of them.

If you're not already keeping a food diary, it may be a good idea to do so, that way you can see how many syns work best for you.

Don't apologise for asking lots of questions, this is what the forum is for:D But you may want to search the forum before posting as you will find a lot of things have already been covered.
Thank you. I had a feeling it was one of those questions that probably came up lots but my phone keeps crashing when on this site so couldn't find in time!
20 syns! That seems a lot to me, I thought it was between 5-15. My c told us to keep to about 10 and start after W I with 70 in your mind, then count down as you use them. I am usually so stuffed that I really find it difficult to manage 10 after all the superfree fruit I am eating. Certainly dont go hungry on S W do we?


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you aren't going to loose more weight by having less syns - that said the one thing to remember is that although you should allow for your syns everyday (they are there as part of the plan after all - and are an essential part of the plan) that you shouldn't pressure yourself to eat them just "because you've been told to" - in as much as if you realise at 10pm that you haven't had all of your syns for the day and aren't particularly hungry - don't go out and eat something to make up the amount just to "keep on plan".
Use your syns if you want.....I use mine.....kenco 2 in 1, toffee honeycomb sundae and pomme bear crisps last night....all 14 syns....that's how I have lost my weight...on food I love so I don't feel deprived!!!!

Scoff Your Syns I Say!!!!!

I always have my syns, I dont always have 15 but I do have 10ish probably on average, I use them for a night time treat or choc or crisps! mmm x

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