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help with extra easy think im doing it wrong?! =[

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hiya everyone,
well i thought i was doing ok but then ive just read to fill your plate with one third superfree food, when i eat i tend to have a plate of free food and a bit of superfree so say like today i had a jacket potato with a piece of lean steak was this wrong? and if i say wanted batchelors pasta and sauce the free ones can i just them for my tea? even tho it fills all my plate cos there quite filling? im confused! =[ xxxxx
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The reason it is advised to have a 1/3 superfree with every meal, is because it limits your portions of the higher calories FREE foods such as carbs (pasta, potatoes etc) and proteins (meats etc).

If you don't add the 1/3 superfree to your plate and are not good with portion control, then you risk overindulging on the FREE foods as mention. The 1/3 superfree helps to balance out your plate and cleverly stops you from over consuming more calories than your body physically needs without having to weigh food or count calories.

That is the aspect that makes Extra Easy, just that - EASY!!!

So with that in mind, I would try and include a 1/3 superfree to your meals. Having it afterwards kind of defeats the object, as you are eating a full plate of the higher caloried FREE foods and then eating more food on top of that. Where as your plate should be more balanced out.

This will give you an idea of how your plate should be in a visual way:

For things like bolognese and chilli's etc you can add all the superfree into the dish, things like peppers, onion, carrot, courgette etc. The list is endless.

Or salad is great and things like steamed veggies/roasted veggies. If you want something quick as a superfree, the frozen bags of mixed veggies come in really handy.

But remember superfree is fruit or unstarchy veg. Sweetcorn, Peas and Parnsips are free but NOT superfree.

For instance, I personally couldn't eat the amount of pasta in a pasta and sauce all to myself, especially not when you add lots of superfree veg to it. So if was having something like that, I would probably share it between two people. Then you have automatically limited the amount of calories you are consuming, by replacing some of the pasta with superfree.

However everyones appetite is different. But as long as you stick to the 1/3 superfree with each meal and are not eating to the point where you can't move, then you are following the plan as advised.

Good luck :)
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As you say, you should try and have one third of your plate as superfree foods.

A baked potato with steak has no superfree and neither does a pasta & sauce if served on its own.


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The reconmendation for EE is that you should have 1/3 of each meal as SUPERFREE, this is to assist in portion control.
With RED/GREEN portions are controlled by the need to weigh the opposing food to the day your doing eg weighed amount of pasta on a RED day or weighed amount of meat on a green.
EE means you dont have to weigh those products, but so you dont overeat on the free foods the 1/3 superfree rule is there to ensure you fill up on low calorie foods.
Although we dont count calories on SW, all food does have a calorie count, and even free food can be fairly high if eating in large quantities. To lose weight your body still needs a deficit in calories.
So filling up on veggies and fruit means you then dont eat so much of the free food.

It is NOT compulsory, but HIGHLY advised to follow the rule on EE.
Its reconmended on GREEN and RED too, just for a even more healthy diet.
So i wouldn't fret about todays menu, but for future try to plan in more Superfree with meals.

Your day so far might be better as a GREEN day and HEB the steak Maybe 2 HEB's depending on how much you had???
Then you dont need to worry about the superfree with the pasta and sauce.
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I hardly follow the 1/3 superfree rule and I'm still losing weight. I do eat fruit and veg but it definitely doesn't make up 1/3 of my meals.

Even if it did, I think I would always choose to eat the free foods over the superfree foods anyway. If I had potato and salad left on my plate but was getting full, I would eat the potato and leave the salad LOL.

It is advised but not essential, so see how you get on as you are and if your losses aren't as good as you'd hoped for, try increasing the superfree :)

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