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Help with food diary please


Cute, but psycho!
Hiya gang...I've been doing EE since Jan, and recently (as you all know) been struggling. So, I've decided to do a food diary this week, and wondered if you could all take a look and let me know your thoughts?
Starts on Friday as WI is on Thursday..ok, so, EE week..

Free - muller light yog, spaghetti, grapes, mashed potato
HE A - 28g low fat cheese/150ml semi skimmed milk
HE B - 1x shredded wheat
Syns - aunt bessie's carrot and swede (1.5), morrison's diet sausages x 3 (1.5), shredded wheat (3.5), teaspoon sugar (1) total syns = 7.5

Free - smoked trout, mushrooms, cherry tomes, beetroot, cucumber, boiled egg, boiled new pots, asda extra special duck in orange, potatoes, peas, green beans, raspberries, muller light yog, strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, melon
HEA - none
HEB - none
Syns - 3 glasses of wine

Free - roast ham, green beans, carrots, boiled pots, spag bol - spagetti, extra lean mince, onions, mushrooms, peppers, asda toms w/ garlic
HEA - 250ml semi skimmed milk
HEB - 1 x shredded wheat
Syns - gravy (2), asda simmer soup 1/2 (3), 1 x shredded wheat (3.5)
Total syns - 8.5

Free - 5 egg omlette, bacon, batcholors savoury rice, grapes, extra mean mince, onion, mushrooms, mashed pots, baked beans
HEA - 250ml semi skimmed milk
HEB - 1 x shredded wheat
Syns - 1 x shredded wheat (3.5)

Free - jacket pot, 3 x pork loins, mashed pots, green beans, strawberries, raspberries, melon, blackberries, muller light yog.
HEA - 250ml semi skimmed milk
HEB - 1 x hifi bar
Syns - cheese savoury filling (not sure), aunt bessie's carrit & swede (1.5), 2 x shredded wheat (7)
Total syns - 8.5 +
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Not sure about the smoked trout, couldn't find it , nor the duck. They may not be free. All that occurs to me is that there's, alot of shredded wheat, and 5 eggs at a time whilst "legal" are rather a lot.What do you mash your potatoes with? It might be an idea to vary your hebs a bit more. Are your portion sizes very large? Are you using up all your syns? Drinking lots of water? If you could just post the meals as you eat them, 1 day at a time it may be easier to see whats going on , sorry I have brain fatique.:(


Cute, but psycho!
This is the first week I've had shredded wheat since starting SW last June lol just fancied a change.
The trout was fresh, smoked and the asda duck is free as confirmed by a previous consultant..

Oh, and I'm averaging about 10 syns a day

I'll repost it tomorrow in meal form then x

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