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Hi everyone, right my mum has just got home from her wi and someone apparently after seeing her food diary (not the consultant) said that because she never had all of her hex she would not lose weight as quick, is this right?
my mum has been having her hex just not all of it ie 2x laughing cow not the 3 and when she has meat as a hex b it nearly always weighs under not over! any help would be great. thanks :)
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I think it's quite important that you have all of your hex's as they provide your body with fibre/protein/etc and ensure you're eating a balanced diet. I've also heard that if you don't eat them all that you don't lose weight as quickly. My mother in law didn't eat all of hers and she lost weight very slowly but that could be a coincidence!


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The official line on this is that if you eat less than advised then you will still lose weight, sometimes people say they haven't lost as they have not eaten enough, the consultant says they should still lose.

It's true that eating more can kick start your metabolism but you would still lose by eating less. Don't forget though, that everyone is different - we have people in class who never ever lose more than a pound a week and someone who consistantly loses 3 to 4 pounds a week.

I would say, eat the HEX's as "prescribed" and you can't go far wrong!! I do sometimes have less though, I don't always want 5 laughing cow XL triangles! It could also be better to syn the triangles if your mum doesn't have the full amount and use the HEX for something else.

Good luck!
HEXs are mainly there to supplement our fibre and calcium intake. They are to almost 'force' us into eating healthily, which is why they are important, but I really don't think not eating all of them 100% of the time will mean we lose less.
Undereating in general will hamper our weight loss, but SW is not a magical balancing act that means if you don't eat in EXACTLY the right proportions you won't lose weight.
As long as your Mum is generally eating what she should, she will be fine.



Thank you for all your great replies, its hard for mum with the hex a as she not really a cheese or milk person lol not like me if i havent had all my hex a il have a glass of milk to ballence it in the evening.


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I hardly ever eat all my HEX A's & B's each day and have still lost weight, I don't know how much difference it would have made if I had but I don't want to be eating just for the sake of it.

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