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Help with oopsie rolls please!


I will get into that wedding dress!
i know its a low heat and cook till golden brown..my oven is temperamental so just go by eye lol


I will get into that wedding dress!
thanks for your replies everyone! *waves at jim!*

I stupidly put them in at highest temp (yes im blonde......as the recipe said 300...and thought oh my oven only goes upto 250....yes you can all laugh!)

so will try again later or tomorrow i think......

Youll all be getting fed up of me posting asking stupid questions....(and stupid being the operative word..*see above*....!)
LOL, should we call you blondie then emmie? :D


Clean green leafy machine
LOL Emmie

I'm a brunette but had a major "duh" moment yesterday - got dried ginger out to use in a recipe, took the lid off to shake out a fair bit into the pot, somehow 'forgot' I'd taken the lid off, thought "Oh it's all lumpy, I'll shake it up a bit" and shook it all over the kitchen, over me, on the ceiling....



Clean green leafy machine
LOL Jim I can always be counted on to do something stupid in the kitchen - am trying to ration myself to just one incident a day :D
I usually do them at gas 4, find 3 a bit too low but all ovens differ a bit. 20 mins then turn them round and do another 5 mins to make sure all brown allover.
Welcome :D

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