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help with swede and cauli


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yep swede and cauli are ok
Hi brownie............ thats whats confusing me a bit, I couldnt find swede in the book and also some are eating cheese as in hard chedder and phili light just need some help as I have only been doing attack for 5 days
thanks for input


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no cheese at all on attack. personally i would try and stay away from it all together until you're on conso, using quark is fine for recipes in place of philli light and quark is fat free. a small amount of cheese can be counted as a tolerated item, but as you're so early in the diet i would recommend you plan menus that don't involve cheese at all.
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Swede is in 100 Natural Foods List :)

As far as the cheese goes: Like Emma says, avoid! I also had taken some misleading advice from the Dukan facebook page last year and had been having Babybel Lights - it's best to steer clear.

There are some supermarket own brands of cream cheese which are lower fat alternatives to Philadpelphia Light too, but even so, it's probably best to avoid those especially as you're just at the beginning!



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Regarding the cheese: Yes I would say stay clear of all 'proper' cheese even if labelled light/lowfat and stick with the fat-free or nearly fat free dairy until you reach Conso. The thing is, I found that Philly extra light actually tastes like salted Quark, but contains lots more fat (can't recall what it is). If you're desperate you're allowed a scant tablespoon a day or so. On the other hand if you manage to get your Quark from Asda or Budgens (Goldenacre brand, my personal fave) or Tesco (in rectangular tubs), it's firm and spreadable like Philly, but it's unlimited and so much better for you! I am now in Stabilization and I could have the Philly if I wanted but I am sticking with the Quark.

Another thing: read EVERY food label if you're buying anything that you've not checked before. Different brands have different interpretations for 'light' or 'extra light' so you might find one 'EL' actually has more fat than another 'L'. And most low-fat diet foods have loads of sugar or thickener/starch etc in instead, another pitfall if you but anything prepared or flavoured. You're best off sticking to the basics and adding the flavour yourself!

Good luck I'm sure you'll get there!

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