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help with updating signature

ahhh, i see, thanks... was really confusing me....
hi mellum, glad its not just me that was puzzled.. lol

been going mad on posting now just to get up to 50
i'll porbably be typing all sorts of rubbish.


Glug Glug Glug
Lol same here, been so tempted to just make a thread and do a couple of nonsense posts on it to bump my number posts up.

Just seen how much weight youve lost in a week! Over a stone..thats amazing!
i lost another 6 today so 20lb in 2 weeks, just can't update it till i post somemore.... so i'm off to get posting, lol
what's the word association thread?


Glug Glug Glug
Its where someone says a word..i.e Sun, and someone says what you associate with the sun...ie, Hot

..Well i think thats how it goes!
ahh, think i juust found it, but it confused me a bit, i am quite inteeligent i just have really slack moments sometimes.. i'll blame the diet.. only kidding, just me really.
Haha, dont worry, everyone has their blonde moments!
that would be ok if i wasn't a brunette.

how you doing anyway? how far into it are you?


Glug Glug Glug
Lol ah well not to worry then. Just call it your "off moments"

I was ment to start today, popped to my chemist to get my shakes only to find out i had to phone up first for some reason. So tomorrow should be my first day.
Been having a really naughty day, eating all the things i shouldnt for one last time!

How are you finding it?
i'm finding it surpirsingly easy.... thought i'd struggle but i think cos i was so determined its kind of outweighed anything else..

i think its theraputic to pig out a bit the day before, i did and got it out of my system. i ate all the things i knew i'd miss most over the weekend.

good luck for tomorrow. keep drinking your water, you'll be surprised how much it helps.
hope it all goes well, let me know how you get on and if you want to chat, feel free.

good luck xx
hey girls. ive made a ticker but why doesnt it show up on my posts? ive clicked on "welcome tightknickers" but it says i do not have access to this page??? any ideas as my profile box looks awful and i want to add my weight losses soon!!!!!
hi, did you cut and paste it into you signature box?
starlight i just double checked my vision on ur total weight loss....thats amazing!!!!! incredible will power...u go girl!!!!
xxxx u must be so so proud of urself cuz i would be!!!!
um no...im not majorly technical lol...should i of? and if so how do i do that and where the hell do i find my bloody ticker cuz i havernt seen it since i "concieved" the damn thing lol
i am pleased, very pleased, shocked almost...

your ticker... go back onto the page where you made it and you should be able to retrieve it.. when you do there are loads of boxes with numbers and letter in, i think its called bb mark up code.. you need to highlight it and right click on it then copy. go back on here and go to user cp in the blue box at the top and edit signature, then right click and paste and save... should work

good luck x

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