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Help with yoga poses (and walking advice!)


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Right all.

I'm a bit of an exerciseaphobe so I'm starting off slow. I have a yoga DVD which I'm going to do twice a week.

I also walk three miles a day, up and down hills at about 3mph. (30mins to work, 30 mins home)

I've been walking for ages, always walk places but it doesn't really affect anything. I like yoga and it is a good start because it is sedate. :D

However, I have RSI (repetitive strain injury) in my right wrist. Although it is much better than it was there is no way I can put my weight on it in various yoga poses. It's alright if they are two handed poses because my left hand can take the majority of the weight but single hand poses I'm sort of stuck.

Does any one have yoga pose suggestions.
Answers to why an hour of moderate speed walking doesn't do anything.
Or tips to strengthen my wrist/arm/hand to take more weight.

Thank you.
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You need to up your pace! Walking is ok but after 3 weeks you won't improve. This current Slimming World Magazine has a 10 week program taken from "Running made easy" which gets you from walking to a run/walk for 40 mins in 10 weeks You need to change what you're doing every 6 weeks at a gym to progress, so something like this will take you out of your comfort zone gently.
As for yoga poses, sorry not my bag, but you could google them and pick out what you can do, or revert to Thai Chi.
I used to be a definite phobic about exercise, BUT! If you don't challenge your heart, use resistance exercises then you won't get anywhere! I'm 59 next week and have always belonged to the "go and lie down in a darkened room brigade!" Just under a month ago I invested in EA Sports Active for the Wii (Wii fit quickly got boring, but it's a good start if you want exercise to be fun and don't want to get a sweat on!) Then I got My Fitness coach and did the cardio sessions which I found fairly challenging but again boring!
Now I'm 3/4 way thro EASA on the easy level. At first I thought I would need the paramedics standing by, but in 3 weeks my fitness levels have soared, and I get twitchy on my rest days! My weight hasn't altered much, BUT! my measurements are shrinking at a rate of knots! 3" off my hips and 2" off my waist in 3 weeks! I feel wonderful, I can feel my lungs expanding and my midriff has almost gone!
Trust me! I wouldn't go back to last month! I feel a different woman! I have to protect my joints because of arthritis, but we were made to move, and the" high" from pushing yourself will make such a difference to your life! From a confirmed couch potato! PLEASE reconsider what you are prepared to do and throw yourself into exercise! You will never look back!


Shoot to thrill
S: 239lb C: 172lb G: 140lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 67lb(28.03%)
Brilliant advice thank you. I've heard people rave about EASA so I might have to get it. I have lost some weight from the yoga and healthy eating, also went on a two mile hike up a hill at the weekend and I've lost 4lbs! So happy!

I've tried upping my pace and I don't seem to get to work any faster, I think the walk to work with just have to be discounted from my exercise and left a the thing that has toned my legs.

Right, I may be poor but I'm going to buy EASA, don't care about boring. It's just getting up and doing it. Maybe we should work together, how often do you do it? Maybe we should do it together, chat about it, help to remind me!

Thank you.


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What is EASA please ? :confused:


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S: 11st8lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 1st1lb(9.26%)
thank you. sounds good.

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